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Huawei has started teasing its next-generation smart glasses that will launch on December 23. The Chinese telecommunications and consumer electronics giant is expected to launch a slew of gadgets on that day, including the Huawei P50 Pocket folding smartphone, the Huawei Laptop Matebook X Pro, the Huawei Watch D smartwatch, and more. While the other devices have been leaked extensively, not much was known about Huawei's upcoming smart glasses until now.

Smart glasses are becoming a trend of late, with many companies either launching or prepping to launch their own offerings in the segment. That includes Ray-Ban Stories by Facebook, Amazon Echo Frames (2nd-gen), Snap Spectacles 3, Lenovo ThinkReality A3, and more. Oppo has also announced its Air Glass wearable that the company says will offer "assisted reality" instead of full-fledged AR. Xiaomi has also showed off its own concept AR glasses, but there's no actual release date for that as of yet.


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Huawei is all set to launch its next-gen smart glasses on December 23. According to a teaser posted on Weibo, the device will be named Huawei Smart Glasses and run the company's own Harmony OS out-of-the-box. Huawei's offering promises to be an audio-only product with inbuilt speakers and hands-free voice assistant controls. However, they may lack active lenses of any kind, which means users should not expect them to double up as AR glasses. Huawei also promised that the smart glasses will deliver "intelligent life with an assistant," which suggests that the device might ship with a smart assistant on board. In terms of its audio features, the smart glasses will use bone conductive speakers for audio output, while a built-in microphone will let users interact with the on-board voice assistant.

Huawei Smart Glasses Will be Modular

The Huawei Smart Glasses will also be somewhat modular, allowing users to swap out the entire front part. This should help people use them as normal glasses at night and convert them into sunglasses during the day. There's also another area where the upcoming glasses will likely differ from their predecessors. Nowhere in the marketing material does Huawei mention Gentle Monster, the designer sunglass brand that Huawei had tied-up with for its earlier smart glasses. This suggests that the upcoming product will be marketed solely under the Huawei brand instead of being co-branded by the two companies.

Huawei will likely launch its smart glasses in the Chinese market first, and there's no word on whether the product will receive a global release at some stage. Even if the glasses do, it remains to be seen if the market is ready for yet another product that will still largely be a novelty device with no real killer app or use case. For all their hype, smart glasses don't come cheap, are largely aimed at enthusiasts for now, and it doesn't look like Huawei's latest offering will change that.

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Source: Huawei/Weibo


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