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Xintian Technology Co., Ltd. was established on November 02, 2000. Its registered place is located at No. 252, Hongsong Road, Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The legal representative is Fei Zhanbo. The scope of business includes development, research and development, production, sales, testing, and maintenance: electronic instrumentation, electronic components, computer peripheral equipment and software, high and low voltage power distribution equipment, water-saving equipment, power-saving equipment, gas equipment, instrument data collection, Storage and transmission system equipment, smart card products and software, smart irrigation equipment, motorized well irrigation control devices, high and low pressure irrigation equipment, hydrology, water resources, environmental protection, meteorological instruments; development of Internet of Things technology, electronics, communication and automatic control technology development ; Water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction; energy management system design and construction; computer system integration; computer network engineering; intelligent building engineering design and construction; smart water and smart gas application systems and application software technology development; data processing, cloud computing; 

geography Information system engineering; communication engineering; Internet information services; surveying and mapping services; production and sales of glass fiber reinforced plastic products and pipes; design and construction of farmland water conservancy irrigation; production, installation and sales of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation equipment; house leasing. (Except for the special regulations of the above-mentioned countries); the export business of the company’s self-produced products and technologies and the import and export business of machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials and technologies required by the company, but the state restricts the company’s operation or prohibits the import Except for export commodities and technologies. Xintian Technology Co., Ltd. has invested 25 companies abroad and has 1 branch.

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