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Apple Watch Series 6 is now priced at US$329

Those who have not yet decided which Apple Watch to buy may want to use Amazon and Walmart to make new sales. Both retailers now have a 40-mm GPS Apple Watch Series 6 for $329 (although Amazon’s inventory is much more limited than Wal-Mart’s). This is $70 lower than the normal price of a wearable device and close to the historical low of most color options.

Buy Apple Watch Series 6 at Amazon - $329 Buy Apple Watch Series 6 at Walmart - $329

The Series 6 is the most feature-rich Apple Watch available right now, and while it doesn't look much different from the previous model, Apple did update the hardware a bit. Inside is a new U1 chip and a blood oxygen sensor, and watchOS 7 brought a convenient hand-washing timer to the device along with native sleep tracking. During WWDC this week, Apple announced that the latt

er will be getting even more comprehensive when watchOS 8 comes out in the fall.

The new S6 chip inside makes the Series 6 speedier than its predecessor, but it's also more efficient. Apple was able to improve the battery life thanks to this, with the Watch lasting around two days on a single charge. It powers up faster now, too — in our testing, it took about 90 minutes to go from zero to a full charge.

If you have an aging Apple Watch or know you'd get a lot of use out of the plethora of health features that the Series 6 has, this sale is one of the best we've seen in a while. But if you're on a tight budget or have never owned a smartwatch before, the more affordable $269 Apple Watch SE will be better suited for you.

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