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Apple Event: iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 5, M1 Ultra, Mac Studio and everything announced

The Apple March event was a big one, and we've got reams of coverage to tell you all about what happened, the key products announced and the things that you may have missed in-between.

Let's start with what's been announced and then we'll get onto all the other huge trends that have popped up.

In terms of devices, all of these will be available to pre-order this Friday, March 11, and go on sale March 18:

iPhone SE 2022 - This one is easy: the new iPhone SE comes with a 5G A15 chipset, with a 4.7-inch screen, and comes in red, black and white. That's basically it, except for the fact that it now has the tough glass from the back of the iPhone 13 (not Ceramic Shield) and costs $429, rather than $399.

iPad Air 2022 - This one also appeared, with the new iPad coming in five colors (gray, white-ish, purple, red and the new blue. It's got the ultra-wide 12MP camera for better Center Stage framing when doing video calls, supports the Apple Pencil 2 so it can clip magnetically to the side, and has 5G on board as well.

It's got the M1 chipset now, so it's much faster, and comes starting at $599 for the 64GB base model - although you can get 256GB too.

M1 Ultra chipset -Oh man, there's a lot to get through here. I suggest you go and read the hub to get the full insight from our expert computing team. But essentially this is two M1 Max chips taped together, with a hidden feature that allowed them to connect and provide blazing speeds as well as up to 128GB of unified memory.

Mac Studio -A larger Mac Mini, this 7.7 x 7.7 x 3.7 inch design comes as a cut-down Mac Pro, with four Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-C ports on the frontand can support so many Pro Display XDRs you'll think you're in that scene from the Matrix Reloaded.

It's got the M1 Max or M1 Ultra chipset inside, and is - unsurprisingly - faster than nearly anything Apple's got in its lineup.

Apple Event: iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 5, M1 Ultra, Mac Studio and everything announced

Studio Display -A 27-inch, 5K monster, with 30-degree tilt and a P3 wide-color spectrum, with a 12MP camera, three-array mic, and an A13 Bionic chipset inside. This is basically a 27-inch iPhone. It's also got a lot of USB-C (3) and Thunderbolt (1) ports on the back, with a six-speaker set up (four woofer, two tweeter) on the front.

Mac Pro - yep, this was 'announced' but was then totally dismissed as 'that's for next time. Apple getting coy for the first time ever, it seems.

iOS 15.4 - OK, so it wasn't technically 'announced' - but we think we're going to see it land around Marchm, with support for Face ID being able to unlock while you're wearing a mask.

TechRadar's wider coverage of the Apple March Peek Performance event:

We've been hard at work at the hubs above, but we're also delving into the secrets of the launch itself - what's been announced and, more importantly, what does it mean?

Apple Silicon is now more important than Apple design - You heard it here first, folks: Apple's going all out with

Apple's cheapest iPhone just got more expensive - The iPhone SE does have some key upgrades, like 5G connectivity, Deep Fusion to the cameras and a lower weight (with better battery life). But it's a five-year-old design... that seems like a lot for consumers.

You can spend $8,000 on the new Mac Studio if you want to - Want to know about all the top-end stuff you can get on the new Mac Studio? Well, Jackie Thomas has been in to find out - 128GB RAM, anyone?

6 things you might have missed about the Apple Event - from a nearly-empty Studio box to a subtle nod to IWD, there are a few things you might have missed from tonight's event.

Apple's Studio Display is complete overkill for photo editing, but I still want one - Got to love Mark Wilson - he's a great photographer, a skilled editor, and yet he still knows his own needs... and yet, there's the desire for the Studio Display. See why a pro whois aware it's too much still is finding a way to convince himself to spend thousands of pounds.

iPhone SE 2022 pre-orders andiPad Air 5 pre-orders - both the new iPhone SE and iPad Air will be available to pre-order from March 11. Keep an eye on these hubs for all the information you need about how, when and where to buy both ahead of release on March 18.

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