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Chocolate artistry on display at Werrington Ladies Circle meeting

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On February 22 Susan Desmond, president, welcomed the members to this month’s meeting of the Werrington Ladies Circle in which she was going to demonstrate chocolate making and then chair the annual meeting.

Susan began by explaining the principles of chocolate making and how versatile it was to create chocolates for every occasion — for example Easter, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etcetera.

She explained that tempering was not required and that there were easy ways to produce impressive chocolates.

Chocolate artistry on display at Werrington Ladies Circle meeting

All the ingredients could be purchased from the supermarket and chocolate moulds could be purchased locally too. The easiest way was to take two thirds of cooking chocolate in a bowl and melt to 55 degrees, then take off heat and add in the other third which takes the chocolate down to tempering level.

Mrs C Adams kindly assisted Susan in pouring the ingredients into chocolate moulds and added various toppings such as chocolate flake, marshmallows, decorative little eggs, sprinkles, etcetera. Non-stick baking parchment or silicone sheets were important for a good result.

Susan explained that dairy free options could be achieved by substituting ingredients with coconut oil, which once melted would solidify again, and roasted ground almonds, cocoa powder and honey. Recipe sheets were handed out to enable members to create the chocolates for themselves at home.

Several examples of the beautiful chocolates Susan had prepared earlier were displayed and members eagerly sampled the treats which were absolutely delicious. Susan had also prepared examples of gift ideas, wrapped in cellophane and ribbon, and two lucky members received them to take home.

Refreshments were provided and then served by Mrs D Symons and Mrs H Preator.

The annual meeting took place with both chairman and treasurer’s reports being given and members were given the chance to vote on various proposals. The members gave their suggestions for speakers and trips they would like to be included in next year’s programme. The meeting came to a satisfactory conclusion.

If anyone would like to join the Ladies Circle for any part of their programme they are very welcome to do so. Contact the president on 01566 773768.

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