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Here’s how to check Screen on Time on Vivo phones

If we talk about battery life, smartphones have today got nothing when compared to legacy ‘candy bars’. Understandably, this sacrifice of battery endurance gave birth to the fruit of having a ‘supercomputer’ at our disposal round the clock. Hence, gradually battery endurance started being defined in hours than days. This gave birth to a very important metric that is now used to judge the batteries of new-age smartphones — Screen On Time.

Screen on time essentially tells how much time the display has been on since it last died. But unfortunately, Vivo’s custom UI stripped the ability to read this important metric. While some expected this to change with the Android Pie update, it didn’t happen.

But I’m guessing you’re here after you read the title. Yes, we’ve figured out a way to get the screen on time on Vivo phones. While I can confirm this works for the Vivo V11 Pro and the Vivo V15 Pro, I’m assuming this should work for other Vivo phones too.

Here’s how to check Screen on Time on Vivo phones

Here’s how to access Screen On Time on Vivo smartphones

1) Go to the Play Store and download the Sensor Multitool application.

Sensor Multitool on Google Play Store

2)Once downloaded, go ahead and open the application. As soon as you open it, the application will ask you for location permission. You can choose to deny this as this won’t affect our process.

3) The home page of the application showcases various stats about the phone’s battery. You can check the current charge, voltage, temperature and health amongst others. But it’s the Open Usage Summary button that we’re interested in.

4) As soon as you tap this button, you’ll be tricked in believing that you’re using a phone that’s running pure Android. Yes, the new menu that opens is a Stock Android menu and is concealed under the huff and puff of Funtouch OS.

5) And while you can explore additional menus here, it’s the last slice of the menu that we really care about. Yes, that’s all you need to do to check Screen on time on your Vivo device.

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