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Razer’s new Hello Kitty gaming accessories add some pink to your setup

Razer is partnering with Sanrio – owners of the Hello Kitty brand – to launch a series of gaming accessories themed around the popular cat character. The new accessories come with an overload of pink (and other colors) for your gaming setup, which is quite different from what the company usually offers. Yes, Razer does have some products available in Quartz Pink, but these are pretty different.

First off, there’s the Razer DeathAdder Essential + Goliathus Speed Bundle. This bundle combines Razer’s entry-level wired mouse with a 6,400 DPI optical sensor and five programmable buttons with the Razer Goliathus mouse mat. Both are naturally themed after Hello Kitty and friends, featuring a variety of characters, rainbows, and a light shade of pink combined with white accents. The bundle is available for $64.99, so you’re paying a small premium for the theming.

Razer’s new Hello Kitty gaming accessories add some pink to your setup


Next up, there’s the Razer Kraken BT Kello Kitty and Friends edition. The original design for this headset was already quirky and pink in its own right, but this special edition comes in a pink and white color combination. The earbcups feature the Hello Kitty logo, and the headband has multiple other characters represented. Finally, the cat ears on top now have the pink Hello Kitty ribbon. This edition costs $119.99, which is $20 more than the standard Kitty edition.

We also have a special edition of the Razer Iskur X, one of Razer’s more high-end gaming chairs. The Hello Kitty edition obviously comes in pink, and it has grey armrests and a grey structure. The back of the char has a picture of Hello Kitty and friends, and there’s another image of Hello Kitty on the front. This model costs $499.99, which is $100 more than the standard edition of the Iskur X, and the same price as the more advanced Razer Iskur chair.

Finally, for extra back support, you can buy the Razer Lumbar Cushion Hello Kitty and Friends Edition. This special edition comes in an all-pink design with a smoother surface, and it has a silver outline of Hello Kitty and a rainbow. In this case, you’ll be paying $59.99, $10 more than the price of the standard Razer Lumbar Cushion.

All of these products are available today. You can see the entire Hello Kitty collection on Razer’s website, but it’s a limited run. Razer is no stranger to licensed products, and we saw a bunch of them coincide with Halo Infinite’s release, too. Hello Kitty is certainly a brand many might not associate with gaming peripherals, though,

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