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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Guide: Best alternate win conditions and tips

While the game is at its best to play out and see the duel through, there are also other ways that players can use in order to achieve victory. Lots of times, these strategies have been developed and mastered so they still may be viable in the kinds of play through the real-life card game and in the mobile game as well. With how the game still continues to evolve, players still try to master a strategy that could make these conditions possible, and players still continue to use them. Here is a short guide on theYu-Gi-OhMaster Duel best alternate win conditions that players can use other than reducing their opponent’s life points to zero.

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Just like in the anime, there are some of these win conditions that are also viable in the game itself. Some of these strategies would take time and most players do not have the patience for long games. Although there are true duelists as players out there who will always see a game through to the end and also give players’ decks a run for their money.

Best alternate win conditions in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

1. Exodia the forbidden one

As a lot of duelists would know, from the first season ofDuel Monsters, Yugi summons Exodia to seal his victory against Kaiba. This win condition is considered as one of the popular ones as a lot of decks and strategies have been made specifically for Exodia. How this strategy would work is that decks are made up of cards that would allow the player to draw cards more than once in order to obtain the five cards Exodia is made of. This is also known as stalling.

Spell or trap cards that are used to negate attacks or effects of the opponent while the player can still draw cards. Although it may seem very time-consuming, there would still be a really rare chance that players get their Exodia pieces all in their first turn. Not only would that be satisfying but players can watch their opponents get obliterated by Exodia through an excellent animation!

It is also worthy to mention, that within the Exodia archetype, players can also use the effect of Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord to win a duel. Players would just need to send all Exodia pieces to the graveyard by the effect of Exodius. This type of strategy is based around normal monsters and other traps and spells that could help the player in defending themselves from any battle or effect damage.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Guide: Best alternate win conditions and tips

2. Deck Milling

The idea ofDeck Milling is literally allowing an opponent to keep drawing cards from their deck or to send the opponent’s cards, from their deck, straight to the graveyard or banishment. Players can use a variety of spells, traps, monster effects to force their opponents into drawing then discard them. Some cards for this type of strategy are Hand Destruction or even with the limited card:Morphing Jar.

3. Destiny Board

Another one of the win conditions introduced in the anime is theDestiny Board. Here players are required to set up their spell and trap zone with the trap:Destiny Board. What this does is for each turn, both the player’s and opponent’s, it would put the other four spell cards on the spell and trap zone as they would spell the word:FINAL.

Completing the word would then allow players to instantly win the duel. This may not seem as easy as it seems as players are required to mainly protect any to all the cards for the combo in order to win in the coming turns. A good combination of spells and hand traps could make this deck work out for players.

4. Final Countdown

Although it may be one of the tougher win conditions to pull off,Final Countdown can be still one of those that works out for some decks, and players. How Final Countdown works is that a player must pay two thousand life points in order to play the card. After which, it would then only take players twenty turns to win the duel after activation.

This includes both the player’s and opponent’s turn to make it quite viable. The only way to sustain this win condition is to not have it negated when it is played and protect the player themselves and their life points as the twenty turns to play out. A good combination of trap cards likeThreatening Roar, Thunder of Ruler, or even Wabokucan support this win condition and ensure the victory.

5. Loops

Although it may not be considered as one of the main conditions in the game, it can be still applied if done correctly and applying for the necessary cards. Back in the days of the older Yu-Gi-Oh! dueling and formats, there were many cards that were used to throw opponents through an endless loop that would either allow them to continuously draw the same card or repeat one action an infinite number of times. Although there was a classic example inDuel Monsters, this would require a good combo of spells, traps, and monster effects.

Most loops would usually draw opponents into surrendering since they would be perpetually stuck in an endless loop of the same move. Loops were also used to go for the aforementioned Exodia strategy, but this is one of those strategies that takes more patience and does take a toll on players’ opponents.

Final Thoughts

While winning is the main goal of the game, players have continued to come up with a lot of ways to make sure they win the duel and keep progressing through the ranks. These conditions may not be the best or conventional way to win a duel, but these are what keep the games exciting.

A lot of players can surprise others with how their deck strategy works out, keep building around that, and eventually master the win condition that brings them more victories in rank duels. Players can also use a combination of all the win conditions above but that would need more cards in their decks, and even more advanced combos.

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That’s all for today’s Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Best alternate win conditions guide. Did you find our Yu-Gi-Oh Master DuelBest alternate win conditions guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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