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“Ask Ola Smart Security Camera” surpasses its Kickstarter goal with a huge amount.

Ask OLA! The Talking Security Camera with 2 Way Voice Commands and Artificial Intelligence is poised to be the Leader in Global Camera Security.

There has been a steady increase in the demand for global security solutions in different parts of the world, as more individuals and businesses look to protect their assets. The increasing rate of criminal acts as well as their sophistication makes it more imperative for people to up their security infrastructure. Unfortunately, many of the solutions do not effectively address the concerns of customers, which is where the Ask OLA Camera enters the market as a game- changer! Never before has there been an easy-to-use Home Security camera that you can ask questions and get an answer. Just Ask Ola!

The 2 Way Voice Commands Talking Security Ola Camera comes with a wide range of features and functionalities, including Voice-Activated Search, Facial Recognition, Body Movement Analysis, as well as Fall, Cry and Panic Detection, delivering an all-in-one experience to assure the safety and security of users. It’s all at your control on your Smart Phone or Tablet with the OLA APP which is 100% FREE to download at the App Store.

Ask OLA is a Smart Security Camera equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to learn the frequent people and patterns in the home, ultimately ensuring accurate alerts. It also has next-gen Facial Recognition to distinguish familiar people from strangers, regardless of face visibility. With 99% less false alerts, Ask OLA can be rightly described as the future of security

cameras. Another unique feature of the Ola Camera is the mobile app for multiple cameras and views, putting the security of homes and businesses within reach.

“Ask Ola Smart Security Camera” surpasses its Kickstarter goal with a huge amount.

Only the OLA Camera has Fall Detection, Cry Detection and Panic/Cry for Help Detection making it the most unique and tech savvy Security Camera in the market. Simply Ask Ola “Did Dad fall today?” and get an answer with the video alert. “Did the Baby Cry between 2-5pm today?” Only Ola gives you an answer and the video to show you exactly what happened. No more searching through footage to see what happened. Ola does the hard part for you!

With years of research and development, The Ola Camera has delivered a revolutionary design with premium features. It’s easy to use with a simple setup that allows you full control from the Ola app. Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor use, it has an IP66 Weather Rating, Full Infrared Night Vision, 1080P 2K Quality Video and it’s backed up on the Amazon Cloud, so you know it’s secure.

The Ola Talking Security Camera recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. More than 45 backers contributed to surpassing its funding goal already. And the campaign isn’t closed yet, so the interested backers still have a chance to pre-order this amazing device in the next few days before the early bird pricing goes up.

The Ola Talking Security Camera is available for $199 through the limited, early bird reward, which is 50% off the retail price of $399. The product is shipped worldwide. These Introductory prices will not last long, so get yours now before the price goes up.

More information about The Ola Talking Security Camera and other rewards can be found on its Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edenn/ask-ola-2-way-voice-commands-talking-security-camera?ref=discovery&term=ola

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