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Hans Zimmer created a ringtone for the Oppo Find X3 Pro

Hans Zimmer created a ringtone for the Oppo Find X3 Pro

April 19, 2021ByFeron1.04k

Besides being known for creating some of the greatest film scores for movies such as Interstellar, The Dark Night, and Inception, Hans Zimmer time and again has delivered some remarkable pieces for various commercials. Hans Zimmer joined forces with the mobile development company ‘Oppo’ for creating a ringtone for one of its latest models‘Find X3 Pro’.

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Oppo announced their collaboration, together with Hans Zimmer, through a YouTube video posted on March 12. The German composer talked us through the experience while composing and his vision about music and technology. Not only did he create the sounds for Oppo, but he also created a complete soundtrack for the Oppo Find X3 Series, called the Colourful Future. Hans Zimmer’s intention was to create music that is as elegant as the design of the Find X3 Pro. His musical blend of violins, plucks, and choirs will sound airy and fresh while receiving a notification or a text. You’ll experience a complete film score right in the palm of your hands once your alarm or ringtone will go off.

Hans Zimmer created a ringtone for the Oppo Find X3 Pro

Oppo shared the actual sounds composed by Hans Zimmer, which can be heard down below.

Hans Zimmer quoted:

“The only way you can do music is by connecting notes and those notes will connect to musicians, and musicians connect to an audience. Suddenly you have a form of communication that you’ve never had before”.

Telephones are connecting us. They are connecting the world, just like music does. The powerful connections between music and people, and telephones and people are now brought together, creating an even stronger connection.

Have a look at the interview with Hans Zimmer himself down below:

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Image Credit: Hans Zimmer’s Facebook

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