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Holo-Me Hologram Holo-Me Profiles are holographic representations of the look of a standalone pilot superimposed on the actual pilot. Pilots physically appear on their ships along with any crew they employ, but both pilots and crew control external vehicles, such as carrier-based fighter jets telepresence, projecting their Holo-Me profiles into the cockpits of those vehicles.

Hardware Accessories - Mixed Reality

You can pair supported accessories with the immersive headset on your PC using the Bluetooth or USB port.

Pairing a Bluetooth accessory Pairing a Bluetooth peripheral with an immersive headset is similar to pairing a Bluetooth peripheral with a Windows 10 desktop or mobile device: From the Start menu, open the Settings app and go to Devices if the Bluetooth radio is turned off , use the slide On It switch to put your Bluetooth device into pairing mode.

Sensors in the immersive headset do the tracking, which means you don't need to install hardware on the walls of the space.

holo accessories

Motion Controller

Immersive headsets support Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers, but not HoloLens. These controllers provide precise and responsive motion tracking in your field of vision. Sensors in the immersive headset do the tracking, which means you don't need to install hardware on the walls of the space. Each controller has multiple input methods.

Crypto game

You can use your Xbox Wireless Controller to play games and apps on HoloLens. Your Xbox Wireless Controller must be updated before it can work with HoloLens. Controllers from other brands may work with HoloLens, but support varies by app.

Holographic auto parts

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Other Bluetooth Accessories

As long as the peripheral supports both the Bluetooth HID and GATTS profiles, it can pair with the HoloLens. Other Bluetooth HID and GATT devices other than keyboards, mice, and hololens clickers may require a companion app on Microsoft HoloLens to work properly. Unsupported peripherals include: Peripherals in the Bluetooth audio profile are not supported. Bluetooth audio devices, such as speakers and headphones, may be available in the Settings app, but Microsoft HoloLens is not supported as an audio endpoint. Pairing and file transfers are not supported on Bluetooth-enabled phones and PCs.

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