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Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Smartphone Industry

Artificial intelligence on mobile devices has a lot of promise for the future. Technological advancements in artificial intelligence will allow smartphones to acquire greater intelligence and capabilities over time. Recent innovations pave the way for mobile devices to gain real-time insight into user behavior, adapt to evolving tastes, and provide more tailored experiences. Also, AI-powered smartphones will have their powers greatly enhanced by computer vision and natural language processing developments. Many elements of our lives are being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI), and cell phones are not an exception to this trend. The following will discuss three ways AI will revolutionize the smartphone business over the next years.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Smartphone Industry

3 Ways AI Will Revolutionize the Smartphone Industry

Voice Assistant

Voice assistants provide a functional and convenient means of interacting with our mobile devices through natural language. To comprehend and respond to human commands, voice assistants use technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), voice recognition, and artificial intelligence. Voice assistants can perform various functions, including sending text messages, making phone calls, playing music, creating reminders, and checking weather updates. Despite this, voice assistants continue to confront several obstacles, including difficulty with accuracy (mainly when dealing with background noise and accents), restricted functionality (in comparison to interactions based on touch), and concerns around privacy (associated with the collecting of data). Using more powerful NLP models, which may generate more realistic and engaging responses depending on context and personality attributes, newer AI technologies can improve voice assistants.


Battery Life and Health

The battery is one of the most essential components of a smartphone because it is responsible for determining how much time we can use our devices without needing to recharge them. On the other hand, the performance of a battery might deteriorate over time due to several factors, including temperature, usage patterns, and charging cycles. Although we cannot alter how we use our smartphones, we can change how smartphones govern their charging and battery by utilizing artificial intelligence! Through the ability to estimate the useful life of a battery, optimize its settings depending on its user behavior, and reduce power consumption through intelligent management of background operations, artificial intelligence can assist in improving battery life. These AI techniques can increase the battery endurance of smartphones by as much as 30%, enhance long-term battery health by as much as 40%, and save customers money on their energy bills.


Camera on the Smartphone

Another critical aspect of a smartphone that draws in many customers is the camera and its capabilities. Artificial intelligence enables today's smartphone cameras to deliver astounding results on par with professional DSLR cameras. By utilizing scene recognition, artificial intelligence can improve smartphone cameras. This feature allows the camera to automatically alter its settings to achieve the best possible photo, considering the subject's category and other parameters, such as the lighting conditions. Additionally, artificial intelligence can provide object identification, which enables the camera to distinguish faces from the backdrop and apply effects such as bokeh when the camera is set to portrait mode. In addition, artificial intelligence can enhance image quality by utilizing techniques for computational photography such as super-resolution, low-light enhancement, and HDR. When we talk about cameras on smartphones that are helped by artificial intelligence, we should remember Honor’s most recent flagship line of smartphones, the HONOR 10 device.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Smartphone Industry

Final Thoughts


Artificial intelligence will revolutionize cell phones in various ways during the coming years. Artificial intelligence will make future smartphones more robust, adaptable, and user-friendly than they have ever been before. This will be accomplished by enhancing voice assistant, battery life, and picture quality features.

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