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myphone storm

Then restart the phone and see if it will boot up properly. If it does then you have located the cause and you can enjoy your working smartphone.

MyPhone, if you are reading this, you need to put a feature that allows the user to select the micro SD card as the primary storage. Awesome review bro, this myPhone RIO is starting to roll new line of myPhone mid range flagship smartphone.

myphone storm

It's been the norm that Android phones from local brands have small ROMs, usually just 4 GB. There are some things that a hard reset will not and cannot fix however, including any software problems that are the result of the phones operating system including its firmware, bootloader, ROM, version of Android, etc.

If you tried to install a custom ROM, unlock, flash, or customize your phones software and it then started to have issues turning on properly then a hard reset is not likely going to solve this problem. Once we received a call where the wife's phone signal was weak and her husband's phone signal was strong, although both had same brand and model phones from the same service carrier. This is a powerful tool when troubleshooting bad or malfunction third party apps or software as it will often remove it from the phone entirely.

First is that the Rio hasn't been optimized well enough that UI response and smoothness is a stepback despite relatively powerful hardware. The Rio doesn't have this and those who aren't very tech savvy are at the mercy of the small internal storage. This review is supposed to be about finding chinks in the armor and there's not much to say about the Rio that hasn't already been said or hasn't been implied by its spec sheet.

I'm planning to buy a samsung galaxy s duos 2 but after reading your review I'm stucked and confused on whether to buy my initial plan. Besides the price, it's not fair to compare the Galaxy S Duos 2 to the Rio. The Rio can also do 1080p video recording while the Duos 2 can only do 720p.

Upon removing it, the strength showed equal on both smartphones. There are a lot of phones equipped with the slower MTK6589 and a 720p display which run a smoother interface. Cell phones are sturdy devices, but apparently some minor changes to them can affect your service.

The graphics performance of the MTK6582 proved to be mighty on the Cherry Mobile Fuze and Cloudfone Excite 470q, allowing most games to run at high graphics settings smoothly. The bottleneck becomes noticeable on games with very complex graphics at high settings.

A jig is basically a USB storage device which you can plug directly into the phone and has the operating system built into it and you can use it to reload the operating system on the device. Finding a jig for your specific cell phone might be a challenge though depending on which device you own. One would expect a device with this performance level to be smoother and it shows that the Rio hasn't been optimized enough.

While the download link for officially supported devices is mentioned below, some of these ROMs may have an unofficial port available for other devices as well. It could also be that a new version of OS is available that has to be downloaded before the phone will work again.

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