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Windows 11 Will Get Taskbar Clocks on Multiple Monitors Soon

Microsoft has announced Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509, and it brings with it some much-needed taskbar and start menu improvements, including showing the clock on multiple monitors.

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The first thing that caught our eye with this update is that the time and date will now show up on the taskbars of the other monitors. Currently, Windows 11 only displays the date and time on the main monitor, which is just one of the many issues plaguing the Windows 11 taskbar. While the company has a ways to go to make the taskbar work as well as Windows 10’s, it’s still a step in the right direction.

Windows 11 Will Get Taskbar Clocks on Multiple Monitors Soon

The update also includes some fixes for the taskbar, including making it so the Start, Search, Task View, Widgets, and Chat icons are no longer unexpectedly large when the system scaling is set to 125%.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509 also includes an option on the Start menu to quickly access settings and choose between the “More pins” or “More recommendations” layout. Depending on how you want to use your Start menu, quicker access to these options could come in handy.

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For Narrator users, Microsoft has improved the web browsing experience with the feature enabled. “We have been working on a collection of improvements to web browsing with Microsoft Edge and Narrator. Specifically, typing in edit fields should now be faster, when navigating around the web, more useful information is provided, and lastly, you will have a more consistent navigation experience with Narrator,” said Microsoft in a blog post.


Some more minor changes and fixes to the Settings app will clean up the Windows 11 experience.

The new update is coming to the Dev channel for Windows Insiders, which means it’ll make its way to all Windows 11 users at some point in the future. First, it’ll need to make its way to other preview channels, and when Microsoft feels it’s ready for primetime, it’ll come out to the release version of Windows 11.

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