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Otterbox unveils new two-way MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone 12, 13

Otterbox has unveiled a brand new Power Bank for charging your iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, as well as other devices like AirPods.

The new Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe has two-way charging capability for wireless output to a phone and input to the bank at the same time. It works with Apple's best iPhone, the iPhone 13, as well as the iPhone 12 through MagSafe, so can be attached to your phone for charging on the go or in the house. However, thanks to its two-way capability it can also be charged while charging your iPhone on a dock, or from a phone while you charge a device like your AirPods.

Source: Otterbox

It can power 7.5W charging and there are two capacities, either 3k or 5k mAh, priced at $50 and $70 respectively.

Otterbox unveils new two-way MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone 12, 13

It also has an indicator to display charge status and battery life by way of an LED. A dual-direction USB-C port also means that you can charge the bank with a cable while it charges another device, or you can power another device by cable while the bank charges wirelessly through MagSafe.

The bank is available in both black and white. The case has also been designed with durability in mind and is protected from drops thanks to its rugged design. Furthermore, it will work with MagSafe cases including Otterbox's own offerings, the Defender Series XT, Defender Series XT Pro, Symmetry Series+, Aneu Series, and Figura Series. There is no confirmation it works with other MagSafe cases however this seems likely given the design.

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