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screenrant.com Realme Smartphone Copying OnePlus’s Unique Feature

The Alert Slider first appeared on theOnePlus 2, and while it has become a signature feature of the OnePlus numbered series ever since, it is about to appear on a non-OnePlus phone for the first time. OnePlus is one of the brands owned by BBK Electronics, a Chinese conglomerate, which also owns the OPPO and Realme brands. Although all three share a lot of technologies among themselves, a few features are known to be exclusive to each brand.

The volume rocker and power button are the default physical keys on most phones, but a few brands include one or two extra buttons for a variety of functions. For some, it is a shutter button that can also serve as a shortcut key to launch the camera app. In addition, users can use this extra button to call up the voice assistant on some other devices, such as those from Samsung and Nokia. iPhones also have a switch on the side that allows users to switch between ring and silent modes.

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screenrant.com Realme Smartphone Copying OnePlus’s Unique Feature

The Alert Slider on OnePlus phones allows users to easily switch between three different ring profiles — Silent, Vibration and Ring — without unlocking the phone. According toMySmartPrice,the hardware switch found on either the left or right side of the phone is coming to a phone from Realme. The source says the info was provided by an insider aware of the development who said mid-range smartphones from Realme will have the feature, with the first model planned for an April 2022 release.

OnePlus Is Losing More Of Its Identity

Details of the upcoming Realme smartphone with an Alert Slider are unknown, but if the development turns out to be accurate, it will be another step in OnePlus's journey towards losing its identity. The company has made significant changes in recent times that show a deviation from the path it towed in its early years. The major shift began when it announced that it would start making entry-level and mid-range smartphones after years of releasing only flagship models.

OnePlus also dropped Hydrogen OS, its custom skin for its phones sold in China for ColorOS, the custom UI that comes with OPPO-branded phones. While OnePlus phones sold in other countries still run on Oxygen OS,OnePlus says the software is now based on the same codebase as ColorOS, which explains why there are a lot of similarities between Oxygen OS and Color OS. Now, it is losing the exclusivity of the Alert Slider feature that made it unique to its sister brand, Realme.

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Source: MySmartPrice

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