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Six Benefits of Having a Supvan Label Print Server

If your business involves logistics or manufacturing, you understand how important it is to have accurate and timely labeling systems in place. Running a label printer through a standalone computer can be time-consuming, and the possibility of errors is high. Thats why many businesses are turning to Supvan Label Print Servers, which offer numerous benefits that make the label-printing process more efficient and streamlined. In this blog post, well go over the six main benefits of using a supvan label print server.

Six Benefits of Having a Supvan Label Print Server

Top 6 Reasons You Should Have Supvan Label Print Server

Eliminates the Need for a Dedicated PC

With a Supvan label print server, you dont need a separate computer to run your label printer. This means you can dedicate your computer to other tasks while your labels print in the background. Plus, it frees up desk or floor space since you dont need a separate computer tower.

Multiple Devices Can Print Simultaneously

With a Supvan label print server, you can connect multiple printers to the print server, which allows you to print identical labels from different printers simultaneously. This feature enables you to process high-volume labeling projects more efficiently than ever before.

It effortless to Install and Setup

You dont need any specific technical knowledge to install or set up a Supvan label print server. Simply plug it into your network, and it is ready for use. Youll also enjoy the user-friendly experience of the web-based GUI interface, which eliminates the need for any additional software installations or drivers.

Improved Printing Speeds

Supvan print servers allow for faster printing since they do not rely on the speed of the printer's internal processor. Print jobs can be sent from a network workstation, and the label print server will process and send the print job to the printer, which will result in faster and more reliable output.

Security Features

Supvan label print servers are equipped with password features to control access to the printer. This ensures that sensitive information is not leaked or printed without proper authorization. Additionally, the print servers web interface allows for granular permissions to control which features are available to which users.

Six Benefits of Having a Supvan Label Print Server

Enables Remote Printing

One of the most significant advantages of a Supvan print server is the ability to print labels from remote locations. This feature is especially useful for businesses with multiple locations, as it eliminates the need to transport and set up a standalone computer at each location. Simply connect the label printer to the print server, and access it remotely to queue, print, and complete orders from any location in your organization.


A Supvan label print server can significantly improve the efficiency of your label printing process, while also improving print speed and security. With these six benefits in mind, it is no question why many logistics and manufacturing companies have already invested in this technology. If youre looking to upgrade your label printing system, consider making the switch to a Supvan print server. Its a decision that is sure to pay off for years to come.

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