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SCHOTT Xensation α (Alpha) Cover Glass To Offer Protection To 2022 Vivo Flagship Smartphones

SCHOTT AG, the German multinational glass company is going to make smartphones' displays more durable than ever. The company's new cover glass- Xensation α (Alpha) promises to offer best-in-class durability for smartphones and wearables. The new cover glass will offer protection to Vivo's upcoming flagship devices in 2022. Notably, the recently launched Vivo X70 Pro-series also uses Schott's protective glass.

"SCHOTT and Vivo have enjoyed a close and trusted partnership over several years. Vivo's upcoming flagship phones will be the first to feature the new Xensation® α cover glass", says Schott.

As per Schott, the new Xensation α (Alpha) cover glass is a novel composition with substantial improvements in drop resistance, thanks to the semimetal boron in addition to industry-standard ingredients lithium and aluminium for added strength. The new cover glass is said to have an improved drop resistance compared to other LAS-based premium cover glasses - especially on impact with rugged or sharp-edged, rough surfaces.

SCHOTT Xensation α (Alpha) Cover Glass To Offer Protection To 2022 Vivo Flagship Smartphones

Among various durability tests conducted by Schott, the Knoop-diamond indenter lab test findings revealed that the α (Alpha) cover glass is less susceptible to scratches than commercially available aluminosilicate (AS) and lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) cover glass types. What this means is that the upcoming smartphones/wearables featuring Schott's cover glass might offer best-in-class protection against accidental scratches and damages.

The new cover glass combines the characteristics of LAS glass in terms of chemical strengthening potential with the scratch performance of borosilicate glass and a strong glass network as known from glass-ceramics.

Products That Use Schott's Cover Glass Protection

Schott has been around for a long time. Several brands use its cover glasses to offer protection from accidental wear and tear. In addition to the newly launched Vivo X70-series devices, the X60 Pro also uses the Schott cover glass. Moreover, The Oppo Watch and Honor Play 5 also feature the Schott cover glasses.

We are expecting a multitude of smartphones and wearables in India to use Schott's new cover glass as the German brand consider it an important target Xensation cover glass portfolio.

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