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www.thegamer.com Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Cross-Platform Guide: How To Transfer Accounts, Add Friends, And Host Games

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One of the coolest things about Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is its cross-platform features. Regardless of if you play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, all your decks and cards can easily follow you from one to another. You can even play against friends on different platforms.

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The one problem is that the game kind of buries that this is possible. Tucked away in menus, getting cross-play set up in Master Duel can be tricky unless you know what you're looking for.

What Platforms Support Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Cross-Play?

Every platform the game has released on supports cross-play:


Mobile versions of Master Duel have also been announced, although they are coming at a later date. It's expected that cross-play will also work on these as well when they finally launch.

Transferring Your Account Across Platforms

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has full cross-platform progression, meaning you can play on any number of platforms and your decks, cards, missions, gems, duel pass progression, secret packs, and everything else will always be available. You can also play against players on other platforms.

To set this up, you need a My Konami account. This isn't compulsory to play Master Duel on a single platform, so you may not have one already before you go to set up your account on another platform.

Once set up, you first need to link the account to the first platform you play the game on.This will be the account that you access through all the other platforms. On the game's main menu, go to the Submenu menu in the top right of the screen and go to"Data Transfer". For some weird reason, it's under the "Customer Support" category.

www.thegamer.com Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Cross-Platform Guide: How To Transfer Accounts, Add Friends, And Host Games

On this page, you'll see a QR code and a URL. Both point to the same web page. Simply go to the address on a device you're already logged into your Konami account on, or log in to your Konami account on the page that opens, and you'll be asked to pair the account with the platform.

Once you've done this on your first platform, you can repeat the process on any other platform you want to play on.You must make sure not to go to progress past the initial setup before transferring data over, otherwise, you'll be unable to do so.When you first launch the game on a new platform, you'll be asked to confirm the language and then taken to a page with the logo screen. From here, open up the menu in the way the screen tells you (on PS4, for instance, it's by pressing the Options button), and go to "Data Transfer" on the resulting menu.

From here, it works the same way as it did on your initial device. Go to the URL listed on the page, log into your Konami account, and pair the device with the account. You may be asked to download some updates to sync up, but otherwise you're good to go.

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Adding Friends Across Platforms

No matter which way your friend players Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, you'll always add friends the same way.

On the main menu, select your profile in the top left corner of the screen (it will have your name, icon, and level). This opens up your profile card, complete witha nine-digit ID that serves as your friend code. You'll need to give your code and receive your friend's code in order to add each other.

To add a friend, go back to the main menu. In the top right of the screen there is an icon that looks like a handshake and says "Friend". Select that, and a menu will open that lists all your friends and their online status. Click the button with a person and a plus symbol in the top right, and you'll be greeted with the Search Player screen.

On the ID Lookup page, you can input your friend's nine-digit code to find them directly. In Master Duel, you don't send friend requests – instead, you can follow them. If you follow someone, their icon in the friend menu will be a handshake with just one hand coloured in. If you're mutual followers, both hands will be filled in and you'll be considered 'friends'.

You can 'Friend Duel' mutual followers by clicking the crossed swords icon next to their name in the friend list.

The second tab on the Search Player page lets you find people who haven't played with, but share your values as a player. In the Title Lookup tab, you can select a number of titles, such as Beginner Duelist, Relaxed Play, Casual, Destroyer, and True Duelist. These are a good way of finding people who enjoy playing Master Duel the same way you do – after all, wanting a relaxed game and playing against a Spike who wants to win quickly isn't much fun.

How To Use Friend Rooms

Friend Rooms are lobbies you can invite friends to. In them, you and your friends can duel and spectate one another in a shared space, and it can be customised to fit whatever kind of game you're hoping to play.

To make a Friend Room, go to the Duel Menu on the main menu, and click the Duel Room panel at the bottom of the screen. The Room Match window will appear, where you can create, enter, or spectate a room.

If you create a room, you'll be given a long list of options for how you want your games, such as how many people are allowed in, how long the duels can last for, and the starting Life Points total for the games. In later updates, you will also be allowed to use alternative Forbidden and Limited lists to change which cards are banned, but that hasn't been enabled yet.

Once you've made a room, you can invite friends (mutual followers) through the "Invite Friends" button on the right-hand side of the page. Alternatively, if you turned "Room List Privacy Settings" off when making the room, anybody is free to join through the "Enter a Room" menu. Make sure you set a comment to let players know what sort of play experience you were hoping for.

If you want to join another room, or are done with this one, click the Disband button on the right-hand side to close the room. All the other players will be kicked out, and you'll be free to move on to your next lobby.

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