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You Can Get A Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera Now

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by people who say Hello Kitty is for children. Thankfully, age is just a number, and if you're a fan of the cat-who's-actually-not-a-cat-but-a-little-girl, you might want to check out this Hello Kitty Polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters. Snap instant photos on Polaroid 600 film (which you need to purchase separately, FYI), and capture all your favorite moments in just a few minutes, to be cherished forever.

You Can Get A Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera Now

Any true Hello Kitty fan will appreciate this vibrant blue Polaroid, featuring Hello Kitty creating art on a canvas, flowers, apples, and a little red bow. The camera in and of itself would probably make an excellent collector's item, so I might buy it and just leave it on the shelf so I can stare at it. You can look for it at your local Urban Outfitters or order it online, where it'll cost you $150, or four payments of $37.50 using AfterPay. It's a small price to pay for such a nostalgic piece of technology that will take you right back to your youth, don't you think?

With the holidays around the corner, you're probably going to want to politely ask Santa for this. Remember to let the pictures develop away from the light!

Polaroid Originals Hello Kitty 600 Instant CameraUrban Outfitters

Any Hello Kitty fan will know that one does not simply stop at a Polaroid camera. So, if this is a bit out of your price range — or if you're just a big HK fanatic and ready to go ham on your themed purchases — here are five more Hello Kitty-themed things you might be interested in.

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