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Apple’s watchOS 8 adds new mindfulness exercises and exercise types

Apple uses part of its WWDC 2021 keynote to reveal upcoming updates and new features in watchOS 8. Except for general software improvements, including those that focus on health tracking and make Apple Watch less dependent on the iPhone, nothing tells us what Apple might launch. For now, the Apple Watch is still tied to the iPhone, because most of the content announced by Apple falls into the first category: watchOS 8 will bring many new mindfulness features, including enhanced guided mediation, and capture during sleep New data and other exercise modes.

WatchOS 8 enhances the existing features in the Breathe app with a new Mindfulness app that adds new animations and ways to reflect. The latter appears to be a new spin on guided meditation, asking you to do things like think about something you like to do that brings you joy. Accompanied by unique animations, these reflection moments are designed to help you pause and re-center yourself during busy times.

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Another useful update coming in watchOS 8 will be in the Messages app on Watch. You're already able to respond to messages in a few different ways, but Apple's making Scribble mode a bit more flexible. You'll be able to use the Digital Crown to move the cursor more easily in your response, which will make editing much easier. Also, the new App Shelf will let you do things like add a gif into your message, something not previously possible when responding directly from your Watch.

watchOS 8 has also updated the "Find My" function, ultra-wideband compatibility of digital car keys, support for multiple timers, AssistiveTouch for single-arm use of the watch, redesigned music and weather applications, etc. . The developer beta of WatchOS 8 is released today, and the public beta will be released in July. The final software update will be released this fall and will be available on Apple Watch Series 3 or newer devices.

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