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Disassembly shows that the new Apple TV 4K is easy to repair, but Siri Remote is troublesome

Given that the modified Apple TV 4K looks the same as the previous model, we think it will be equally easy to repair. According to the dismantling video of iFixit, this is the case. Due to some prying and standard screws, the site can directly tear the outer shell of the top box. Uniquely, Apple also uses metal contact pins to connect the large fan of the ATV to its logic board. This can be easily removed without worrying about damaging any cables.

Beyond that, the Apple TV 4K is basically a sandwich of easy to remove components. And just like before, its sleek black case is also entirely IR transparent, which allows it to shoot infrared commands to other devices in your home. (In my home theater, the Apple TV remote also changes the volume on my A/V receiver.) iFixit ultimately gave the new Apple

TV 4K an eight out of 10 when it comes to repairability. It's the sort of thing even a novice user should be able to dive into (not that there's much to add inside the case).

The modified Siri Remote—to be honest, the real star of the show—is another matter entirely. After removing the two screws near the Lightning port (similar to the iPhone), iFixit finally manually pried all the facial buttons, and then encountered another screw that needed to be removed. After that, the site can slide out all the internal parts of the remote control, revealing a small 1.52 Whr battery at the bottom, and the rest of the top is the circuit. There are no big surprises, but almost everything needs force to remove. Basically, if the battery is dead, you will most likely buy a new Siri Remote within a few years.

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