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Leaked images show official Galaxy S22 series cases

We’ve had a pretty good look at the Galaxy S22 phones, but Samsung is preparing to launch matching accessories as well, including several styles of cases. You don’t have to wait until next week to see them, though, here’s a peek.

Let’s have a look at the kickstand cases first. There are two options, the first places the kickstand vertically on the center line of the phone. This allows it to hold the phone in landscape orientation and it appears that each case will come with two interchangeable kickstands – one matching the primary case color, the other offering some contrast.

Kickstand case with interchangeable kickstands

The second kind of case is more versatile with its kickstand is placed horizontally alongside the bottom of the phone. As you can see, there are several way you can orient the phone with this case, including in portrait. Also, the case itself is transparent, showing off the color of the phone.

This kickstand case offers more angles (and is transparent)

Next up is a case similar to those of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and more recently the S21 FE. It has a strap and buckle, the idea here is that you can slip your fingers under the strap to get a secure hold of the phone. The strap itself is pretty thin, unlike the PopSockets grips, which always stick out the back.

Leaked images show official Galaxy S22 series cases

A case with a strap for a secure grip

Finally, there are two traditional styles of cases. One is a bumper with a removable pane on the back that will ward off scratches. But since all three Galaxy S22 models will have glass backs (perhaps even using Gorilla Glass Victus+), some may be brave enough to skip that extra pane.

A bumper case with an optional back panel

And here are some standard silicone cases. The ones for the Galaxy S22 and S22+ come in four different colors, the ones for the S22 Ultra also come in four colors, though from a different palette.

Samsung Galaxy S22(+) silicone cases in four colors

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra silicone cases in four colors

As for the colors of the phones themselves, the vanilla and plus models should arrive in White, Black, (dark) Green and Pink Gold, while the Ultra will be available in White, Black and Dark Red.

By the way, these are only some of the S22 cases that will be available - a previous leak revealed that there will be flip cases (including Smart LED View covers and Smart Clear View Covers) as well as leather cases. There should be 24 case options for the Galaxy S22, 23 for the S22+ and 19 for the S22 Ultra (this is just first-party Samsung accessories, there will be many more third-party cases).


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