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Magisk v24.0 release introduces Zygisk, brings along Android 12 support, and more

XDA Senior Recognized Developer topjohnwu‘s Magisk started off as a systemless root method and has evolved over the years into a much more diverse and powerful tool beyond just plain root. But even today, if you need root, chances are that the recommended root method for your device mentions installing Magisk for superuser access. The latest major update of Magisk, which corresponds to the twenty-fourth version (v24), has now arrived at the public beta branch, officially bringing full-blown support for all Android 12 devices wide and large.

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The developer announced the new update on Twitter today. Apart from Android 12 support, the next important thing in this release is the introduction ofZygisk (e.g. Magisk in Zygote). This feature unlocks a plethora of tinkering possibilities, as module developers can now run code directly in every Android apps’ process. To streamline the adaptation, topjohnwu has also published the final version of the Zygisk API v2. The documentation and the relevant module template can be found here.

Magisk v24.0 release introduces Zygisk, brings along Android 12 support, and more


The new build marks the final retirement of MagiskHide. This is not something unexpected, though, as we have already seen the removal of MagiskHide on the Canary channel. Magisk v24.0 doesn’t come with any kind of root hiding feature out of the box, but you can still use third-party modules to circumvent root detection and pass SafetyNet.

Additionally, the centralized Magisk module repository is permanently gone. As a result, it is not possible to download modules from the repo in v24.0. From now on, the Magisk app will solely look for theupdateJson property inside a module and use the corresponding URL to check, download, and install module updates.

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Module and root developers are encouraged to read the release notes found over here. The complete changelog of Magisk v24.0 is as follows:

If you’re interested in trying out the new build on your device, you can download the v24.0 release of Magisk from the link below. In case you face any issues, you can file a bug report on the project’s GitHub repository.

Download Magisk v24.0

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