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Massachusetts Delegation Announces $138 Million in Federal Funding for Key Projects throughout Massachusetts nav-mobile-modal search-mobile-modal

Washington(March 11, 2022) – Senators Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Elizabeth Warren(D-Mass.), and Chairman Richard E. Neal (MA-01), Chairman James P. McGovern(MA-02), Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-03), Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark(MA-05), Congressman Seth Moulton (MA-06), Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley(MA-07), Congressman Stephen F. Lynch (MA-08), and Congressman Bill A. Keating(MA-09) announced Massachusetts will receive anestimated $138 million in Congressionally Directed Spending(CDS) in the Fiscal Year 2022 spending bill for 120 importantcommunity projects throughout Massachusetts. The projects focuson areas such as energy and water development, transportation, agriculturedevelopment, housing and urban development, environmental protection, homelandsecurity, and labor, education, health and human services.

“This federal funding forMassachusetts means we can initiate, strengthen, and expand community-basedprojects that serve our families, businesses, and cities and towns every day,”saidSenator Markey. “These projects will spur our economy, strengthen ourresiliency, expand access to important health care, promote clean energy andclimate solutions, and help feed and house our most vulnerable in every regionof our Commonwealth. I am proud that my delegation partners and I were able tosecure this critical funding, and I will continue to fight for the resourcesMassachusetts communities need to thrive and grow.”

“TheMassachusetts delegation and I have been fighting hard for additional federalinvestments for the Commonwealth, and I'm glad we secured nearly $138 millionto help tackle our communities’ most pressing needs.These funds willdeliver critical projects and services across the Commonwealth that willimprove our infrastructure, spur the economy, and enhance clean energy,housing, education, and social service initiatives. I will keep fighting todeliver federal resources to help Massachusetts families,”said SenatorWarren.

“Inthis pivotal moment, the Congress has risen to meet some of the most pressingchallenges at home and abroad by passing the omnibus legislation,”saidChairman Richard E. Neal. “I fought hard to secure nearly $8 million inCommunity Project Funding that is heading to western and central Massachusettsto address some of its most pressing needs. These investments support andfoster economic development, making a real difference in the lives of so manyin our community.”

“Iam celebrating alongside so many essential organizations in our community whoseefforts will be recognized with a collective investment of more than $11.3million in federal funding to the Second District,”said Congressman JimMcGovern.“As Chair of the House Rules Committee, I fought hard for theinclusion of community projects to deliver vital support to worthwhile causesacross Massachusetts and the nation, and I am proud that this money will make areal difference in our Commonwealth.”

Massachusetts Delegation Announces 8 Million in Federal Funding for Key Projects throughout Massachusetts nav-mobile-modal search-mobile-modal

“Inpartnership with outstanding local organizations, I’m proud to have securednearly $8 million in funding for vital community projects in the fundingpackage signed into law by President Biden today,”said CongresswomanTrahan.“By investing in economic development and education, shortening ourroad to recovery post pandemic, and bolstering working families, this fundingwill support projects working to make our communities even better places tolive. I look forward to continuing our work with local stakeholders to getthese important projects done for all who call the Third District home.”

“Iam thrilled to announce that I have secured federal funding for ten CommunityProjects throughout the Fifth District in this year’s budget package. Theseinvestments are a direct response to the needs of our local community. We areimproving our climate readiness through green infrastructure, investing inhigher education for underserved youth, expanding accessibility for communityhealth care services, and much more. These projects will undoubtedly improvethe lives of residents in the Fifth District and the long-term welfare of ourcommunity. Democrats are listening to leaders on the ground, deliveringresults, and rebuilding a better America for everyone,”said AssistantSpeaker Clark.

“Itis an honor for us to fight for the funding that benefits the people ofMassachusetts,”said Congressman Seth Moulton.“I am thrilled to havesecured $10 million to increase access to healthcare, public transportation andaffordable housing in northeast Massachusetts.”

“Thesecommunity-supported and community-driven projects will improve the lives ofpeople across the Commonwealth and in the Massachusetts 7th, supportinginvestments in our schools, our infrastructure, our health care, and mostimportantly, our people,”said Rep. Pressley. “These robust investmentswill provide critical support for our most vulnerable communities who havesuffered throughout the pandemic. I’m proud to have secured this federalfunding alongside Senator Markey, Senator Warren, and our Massachusettsdelegation to deliver resources for a just and equitable recovery that leavesno one behind.”

“I am very pleased to have secured over $11.5million in funding for community projects in my district,”said Rep. Lynch. “This money will be used to make critical investments in our seniors, ourveterans, affordable housing, education, substance abuse treatment,climate/change resiliency efforts and better transportation infrastructure. Iam proud to serve alongside such dedicated Massachusetts colleagues who workedtogether to ensure our cities and towns received this necessary financialassistance.”

“Thepeople of Southeastern Massachusetts and the Commonwealth as a whole stand tobenefit tremendously from these federal funds, which come as a direct result ofthe close working relationship of the Massachusetts delegation,”saidCongressman Bill Keating. “I am deeply grateful to Speaker Pelosi andChairwoman DeLauro for leading a transparent process that was able to deliverfunding to all ten projects I requested in my district, and I am also gratefulto Senators Warren and Markey for their work to support and build on therequests of the House delegation. These projects will benefit the people of Massachusettsdirectly through job creation, environmental sustainability, improvedhealthcare access, and so much more - and that is something we can all be proudof.”

Alist of all Massachusetts CDS federally funded projects can be foundHERE.

Underguidelines issued by the Senate and House Appropriations Committees, members ofCongress requested CDS funding for projects in their state for Fiscal Year2022. CDS requests were restricted to a limited number of federal fundingstreams, and only state and local governments and eligible non-profit entitieswere permitted to receive CDS funding.


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