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Samsung Exynos 2200 RDNA2 GPU offically 17% faster than Exynos 2100 Mali-78

Exynos 2200 with AMD RDNA2 GPU

AMD and Samsung were eager to announce their collaboration on incorporating RDNA2 GPU architecture into the Exynos chip, but the new processor was not mentioned once during the official introduction of the Galaxy S22 series.

Historically speaking, Galaxy Unpacked events are not filled with details on the processor specs, those are usually released with the full review embargo a few weeks later. However, we already got a glimpse of the new products through numerous hands-on and first impression videos and articles, which sadly did not feature any performance benchmarks, at least not of the Exynos 2200 version.

Samsung Exynos 2200 RDNA2 GPU offically 17% faster than Exynos 2100 Mali-78

As usual, Samsung will be launching two versions of its S22 series either with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200. The latter will mainly be available in Europe, CIS, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Samsung wasn’t keen on sharing too many details on the Exynos 2200 processor, in fact, only some outlets have reported on the specs. ComputerBase has full CPU clock speeds listed which are just 100 MHz lower than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC.

The South Korean phone maker also gave brief performance estimates on the Exynos 2200 SoC compared to 2100. The chip CPU core is supposedly 5% faster than its predecessor, while graphics are ‘only’ 17% faster. This number resonates even more as we look at Exynos 2100 official performance figures, which were reportedly 40% higher performance compared to Exynos 990.

TechAltar@TechAltarThe Exynos 2200 numbers we got yesterday (vs. 2100) :🔼 5% for CPU🔼 17% for GPU🔼 115% for NPUNo wonder they tried to cancel the dedicated Exynos launch event10:50 AM · Feb 9, 202244124

Samsung did not reveal the GPU specs of Exynos 2200 yet, thus it is unclear what is the final GPU clock speed. Earlier rumors suggested it might be around 1.3 to 1.4 GHz, which is already much faster than Exynos 2100 and SD8Gen1.

In terms of Exynos 2200 gaming demos, we have not found any except for this short clip from the Polish YouTube channel “Bart Check” featuring Asphalt 9 Legends on Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you have seen any other videos with Exynos 2200 GPU gaming tests, feel free to share them below in the comments!

The following video is timestamped[Bart Check] SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 ULTRA | Koniec z Note, czas na Galaxy Ultra! | RECENZJA (32,475 views)

The company is yet to release a firmware update for its phones, which should still be ready before the full reviews are out. Some media outlets will be comparing Snapdragon and Samsung SoCs so we should get a better understanding of how Xclipse GPU performs against Adreno 730.

Samsung Galaxy S Series SoCs
VideoCardz.comSamsung Exynos 2200S5E9925Samsung Exynos 2100S5E9840Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1SM8450
Release Year202220212021
Process Technolgy4nm Samsung 4LPE5nm Samsung 5LPE4nm Samsung 4LPE
Big Core1x Cortex X2 @ 2.8 GHz1x Cortex X1 @ 2.91 GHz1x Cortex X2 @ 3.0 GHz
Medium Core3x Cortex A710 @ 2.5 GHz3x Cortex A78 @ 2.81 GHz3x Cortex-A710 @ 2.5 GHz
Small Core4x Cortex 510 @ 1.7 GHz4x Cortex-A55 @ 2.2 GHz4x Cortex-A510 @ 1.8 GHz
GPUSamsung Xclipse 920 (AMD RDNA2)Mali-G78 MP14Adreno 730
GPU Clockrumored 1.3~1.4 GHz854 MHz818 MHz
CPU Performance+5% vs Exynos 2100+19% ST vs Exynos 990+33% MT vs Exynos 990+20% vs SD 888
GPU Performance+17% vs Mali-G78MP14 +40% vs Mali-G77MP11+30%/+60% Vulkan vs Adreno 660

Source: ComputerBase

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