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The Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps for 2022

Lightroom Mobile is a great photo app even if you don’t use the desktop version of Lightroom, Adobe’s category-leading photo workflow software. The mobile app offers deep post-shot editing, as well as a camera feature that lets you shoot in raw format on the iPhone—Android can do that with its native camera—which gives you more leeway in correcting exposure, white balance, and other aspects of your images. You can even shoot with filters like black and white enabled. Free users get a decent selection of editing tools and even filters, and paid users get cloud storage for photos and a lot more effects, such as masking, healing, and suggested presets. The app is full of help and tips for producing great photos. Lightroom Mobile even lets you submit your work to a community of photographers who may try their hand at editing your shot. You can subscribe to the mobile-only apps for $4.99 per month or use a limited feature set for free. A standard Lightroom or Photography Creative Cloud Plan ($9.99 per month) gets you full use of the apps.

The Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps for 2022

Price:Free; $4.99 per month for full feature set and cloud storage

Platforms:Android, iOS, web

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