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The morning after: Ultra-short throw projectors are finally getting cheaper

I have always wanted an ultra-short throw projector, which has the advantages of convenience and space saving projector, without all the logistical disadvantages of the installation location. However, this convenience has always been expensive, and a decent model starts at about $2,800-yes, there is a guide. Even a reasonably priced Xiaomi laser projector is less than $2,000.

Richard Lai/Engadget

But JMGO might have hit a price point that even I’d be happy with. The Chinese brand is launching two models: the $699 O1 and $859 O1 Pro, the latter "co-engineered" with Leica. While they’ll both be coming to Indiegogo to gauge interest, Engadget’s Richard Lai has played with the cheaper O1 and was pleasantly surprised. You can check out his impressions here, and while it’s still only a 1080p projector, at that price (and in the short-throw form-factor), it’s easy to be tempted. Just remember that Indiegogo/Kickstarter dreams don’t always come true — and that you’d be liable for any import charges depending on where you’re shipping to.

— Mat Smith

Twitter’s paid 'Super Follows' might arrive soon

There would be a dedicated app and audience requirements.Twitter

Jane Manchun Wong has discovered evidence of a Super Follows app that suggests Twitter is nearly ready with its Patreon-style offering. The leak offers some insight on who might qualify for the new way of earning money from fans and followers. You’ll need to be 18 or older, have 10,000 or more followers and post at least 25 times over the previous 30 days. Continue reading.

Microsoft says it blocked Tiananmen Square searches outside China due to 'error'

People in the US and elsewhere couldn't find 'tank man' on Bing.

Microsoft is once again coming under fire for a botched approach to China web searches. Reports over the weekend explained that Bing inadvertently blocked searches for "tank man," the Tiananmen Square protester, in countries like the US, France and Singapore. According to a spokesperson, the block was due to "accidental human error" that the company was trying to fix. Sites that license results from Microsoft, such as DuckDuckGo, also suffered as a result. Continue reading.

Elon Musk says Tesla Model S Plaid+ is 'canceled'

'Regular' Plaid might be good enough for the CEO.Tesla

You might never get to drive Tesla's supercar-level Model S Plaid+ sedan. Elon Musk told Twitter followers that the Plaid+ trim is "canceled" as the imminent, lower-priced regular Plaid model is "just so good." The Plaid+ trim option remains listed in the automaker's configurator tool at writing, but it's grayed out.

It could be a matter of product overlap. The next-gen Roadster was meant to be Tesla's beastly performance EV — until the Model S Plaid+ showed up. Continue reading.

WatchOS 8 app 'leaks' hint at a more independent Apple Watch

There might also be a mental health app.Engadget

While we’re literally hours away from WWDC 2021, developer Khaos Tian has discovered App Store profile info referencing unannounced Apple Watch-native versions of the Contacts and Tips apps found on other Apple devices. While there isn't much to see beyond the names, this suggests watchOS 8 might offer more independence, able to do more without your iPhone in close proximity. Continue reading.

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