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This may be Samsung’s first Wear OS Galaxy Watch

You may not need to wait too long to see the first Samsung smartwatch using the redesigned Wear OS. The Verge reported that OnLeaks and GizNext have released what they call a rendering of the Galaxy Watch Active 4, which is Samsung's next fitness-conscious wearable device and its first watch to use the new Wear OS. It doesn't look like Active 2 (no, there is no Active 3), but it will have a "very narrow" frame and more tones, including black, green, silver, and obvious rose-tinted gold.

The Active 4 would reportedly use a new 5-nanometer processor, although it's not clear if this would deliver any performance or batter

y life gains.

Samsung will supposedly reveal the Galaxy Watch Active 4 alongside the new Wear OS at its virtual Mobile World Congress event on June 28th. It's not certain just when you could buy the product.

If the leak is accurate, the real breakthrough will be in the software. Samsung and Google promise to provide a new interface, performance improvements and more powerful health features. By combining Google’s ubiquity with Samsung’s absolute market influence, you may also get a richer application ecosystem. In view of this, Active 4 is more like a tool to realize the company's ambitions than anything else.

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