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www.androidpolice.com Xiaomi 11i 5G review: Outmatched

UPDATE: 2022/02/24 23:20 EST BY RAJAT SHARMA

One month later

www.androidpolice.com Xiaomi 11i 5G review: Outmatched

I've been using the Xiaomi 11i 5G frequently since my initial review, and I have a few more thoughts. It's a fine mid-range smartphone that handles the basics quite well, but there's nothing particularly remarkable about it. And while there are some pros, they continue to be outweighed by the cons.

Let me start off by talking about the update situation. A little over a week after my review, Xiaomi India announced the update schedule for MIUI 13, the next major version of its custom Android-based OS. Despite being the company's first launch of 2022, the 11i 5G isn't included in the first batch of devices eligible for the update. What's even more disappointing is that Xiaomi still doesn't clarify how MIUI updates correspond to actual Android updates. So even if the smartphone were to receive MIUI 13 tomorrow, there's no telling if it'd include Android 12. Speaking of MIUI, the existing version 12.5 has been quite stable overall. That said, I've encountered some bugs occasionally, such as the screen not turning off with the double tap to sleep gesture. I hope these issues are patched with future updates.

I haven't really taken many pictures using the 11i 5G after my review, except for the occasional quick snapshot. The 108MP primary sensor (with 9-in-1 pixel binning) continues to be an admirable performer, both in well-lit and low-light conditions. The 8MP ultra-wide sensor still struggles to focus on objects, although you can capture some good photos with it if you're willing to tweak a few settings in the camera app. As for the 2MP macro lens, I've ignored it since the day I've had this phone, and so should you.

Then there's the 67W fast-charging technology, which is easily this phone's most hyped feature. There's no denying that it's freeing watching your phone's battery go from zero to full in minutes. But the 11i 5G's battery life is great as it is, so unless you're someone who's constantly glued to their screen, you won't see enormous benefit from such ridiculous charging speeds.

So here's my final take: It's a good smartphone that packs in some neat extras and offers solid value for money. But then, so does the competition, and it does so without the 11i 5G's many negatives. Therefore, unless you absolutely cannot live without super-fast charging speeds and couldn't care less about timely updates, there are better options. And if you still want the Xiaomi 11i 5G, keep an eye out for sales and seasonal promotions.

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