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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, 24th October 2020, Written Update: Roshni makes a mistake?

MUMBAI: Phupi tells Daadi that kachra/garbage jinn must have gone. Kachra jinn/Aman walks in and asks who went, he will not go. They get afraid. Saima says they are afraid of him. He says he will make her ugly and she will get afraid of herself. He makes her ugly. On the other side, Shayari finds ilme jinn book’s page and thinks only Tabeezi can read and possess it. She realizes that Tabeezi is not the one she portrays herself as. Kachra jinn continues troubling Daadi and others and says he will make them all ugly. Roshni attacks them and making him fall down sends family away. She tells him that she believes that a person’s beauty doesn’t matter and only nature matters. He says she is lying. She says she doesn’t lie. He says if she is not afraid of him. She says no. He says he will make her ugly, then she will know how he feels. She says he can understand his condition. He says he will make her remaining family members ugly and searches them.

Natasha walks to Shayari and with magical powder swaps her body with Shayari. She then ties and hides Shayari in a room and calls Rehaan. Rehaan walks to her. She says let us go Rehaan baby. Rehaan asks not to mimic Natasha and taunt him, he doesn’t like cheap Natasha. Natasha in Shayari’s body fumes hearing that. At home, Saima cries seeing her ugly face. Kachra jinn sees her and feeling sad thinks why he is feeling concerned for her instead of troubling her more. Roshni informs Tabeezi that Kachra jinn turned Saima and Ammi ugly. Natasha in Shayari’s body walks in and says they need to send Kachra jinn back to jinn jail. Tabeezi says Shayari is right, Roshni has angel’s heart and she can send Kachra jinn back to jinn jail with an order. Roshni agrees and leaves. Natasha asks Tabeezi if she will send Kachra jinn to jail. Tabeezi says she will send him out of the world permanently and will force Roshni to approve orders. Roshni returns. Tabeezi holding orders asks Roshni to put Ayana’s seal on it. Roshni does. Tabeezi thinks Roshni approved death orders of her Khan baba.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, 24th October 2020, Written Update: Roshni makes a mistake?

Kachra jinn enters Armaan’s room and sees him smiling at him instead of getting afraid. Rohni enters and says baby likes him. Kachra jinn asks if she is ready to become ugly. Roshni insists to turn Saima and Ammi back to normal first. Kachra jinn does and asks if she is ready now. Natasha checks Shayari’s bag and finds food stuff in it. She thinks why she has stuff garbage in her bag. Rehaan walks in and thinks why she is considering food as garbage. Phone rings with Sheela ki jawani ring tone. Natasha says such a cheap ring tone. Rehaan says its her ring tone and reminiscing the recent incidents realizes that she is Natasha in Shayari’s body.

Shayari informs family that Tabeezi is helping Natasha.

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