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12 Moto G5 Tips And Tricks You Should Know About


The 5th generation Moto G devices are excellent smartphones to buy on a budget. The Moto G has a metal design, a battery that lasts all day and it supports fast charging. Plus there is a 13-megapixel camera that focuses quickly and takes sharp photos, even in the dark. Additional features include a 2GHz octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, a 5.2-inch full HD display, 4G LTE speed and the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. If you have a Moto G5 or G5 Plus, then you might find these tips helpful:

1.) Change The Display Size

Change the display size

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

If you want to make the display size larger or smaller, then you can adjust that in the Settings app > Display > Display size. Then adjust the Display size to “Small,” “Default” or “Large.”

2.) Clear Up Some Space

Internal Storage Space section in the G5

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

If you want to clear up some space on your phone, then you can do so by going to the Settings app > Storage > Internal shared storage > Cached data > Cleared cached data? > OK. And you can also clear up the cached data in apps by going to Apps in the Internal shared storage, tapping on individual apps and clearing the data in each app. And after you back up all your photos and videos to Google Photos, then I recommend deleting it from your phone to save space.

3.) Conserve Your Battery Life

Activate the battery life feature

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

To conserve your battery life, you can activate the battery saver feature. The battery saver feature will reduce performance and limit vibrations, location tracking and background data. Plus emails, messages and other apps that rely on sync may not open unless you update those apps. When you activate the battery saver feature, you can decide whether to have it switched on when you have 5% or 15% battery left.

4.) Customize The Status Bar And Other System UI Features

The System UI menu in the G5

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

There is a feature built into the G5 called the System UI Tuner. This can be set up by sliding down the notification shade and holding down on the Settings gear icon for a few seconds. Then you will see a message that says “Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings.”

12 Moto G5 Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

After seeing that message, you will see a System UI Tuner menu option within the Settings app. This feature will allow you to customize the Status bar, the Do not disturb settings, the power notification controls and the split-screen swipe-up gesture.

5.) Press Power Button Twice For The Camera

Tap the Power button twice to activate the camera

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

You can set up a shortcut for opening the camera by tapping on the Power button twice. This can be set up by going to theSettings app > Display > toggle on “Press power button twice forcamera.”

6.) Set Up A Shortcut For Opening The Flashlight

Shortcut for opening the flashlight

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

If you want to set up a way to easily turn the flashlight on and off, then you can do that through the Moto app. To set this feature up, open the Moto app > Actions > Chop Twice for Flashlight. This allows you to turn the flashlight on or off with double chop gestures.

7.) Set Up A Split Screen

Set up a split screen

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

Android 7.0 Nougat allows you to look at two apps on the screen at the same time. You can set this up by opening an app and then tapping on the square overview button at the bottom right. Then you will notice a message at the top that says: "Touch and hold a window, then drag here to use split screen." When you push down on a window below and drag it at the top, that will be the app at the top of the split screen. And then you can select the bottom app to use in the split screen afterward.

8.) Shrink The Screen For One-Handed Use

Shrink the screen for one-handed use

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

There is a way to easily shrink the screen for one-handed use. This can be set up by going to theMoto app > Actions > Swipe to shrink screen.

9.) Take A Screenshot

The screenshots album located in the Google Photos app

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

It is relatively easy to take a screenshot with your Moto G5. To do so, you simply have to push down the Power button and the Volume down button at the same time for a few seconds. Then you will notice an animation and a capture sound. After you take a screenshot, you will be able to find it in the Screenshots album of your Google Photos app.

10.) Take Photos By Tapping Anywhere On The Camera

Take photos by tapping anywhere on the camera

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

If you are taking a selfie or want to make it easier to take photos, then you can set up the Camera app so that you can tap on any location on the screen to take a photo. This can be set up by opening the camera app and pulling up the menu by swiping your finger from the left edge of the screen to the middle. Then change the Shutter type from “Shutter button” to “Tap anywhere.”

11.) Twist Your Wrist Twice To Open The Camera

Twist your wrist twice to quickly open the camera

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

There is a shortcut for quickly opening the camera by twisting your wrist twice. You can set this up by going to the Moto app > Actions > Twist for Quick Capture.

12.) Use The Fingerprint Sensor To Navigate

Use the fingerprint sensor to navigate

Screenshot: Amit Chowdhry

You can use the fingerprint sensor on the front of the device for navigational purposes. For example, you can swipe left on the fingerprint scanner to go back or you can swipe right to open recent apps. Or you can tap on the fingerprint sensor to go to the home screen. You can set this up by going to the Moto app > Actions > One button nav. After setting it up, you will notice that the on-screen navigation buttons will no longer appear.

What are your thoughts about these tips and tricks? Are there any specific Moto G5 features that you like? Please leave a comment!

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