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7 tiny portable phone chargers to stay topped up on the go

Mobile phones are one of the most often used devices on a daily basis. The more advanced mobile phones have become in the last decade, the more reliant we have become on them. As a result, having enough charge at all times of the day has become a necessity, yet maintaining it is difficult as most of us would like not to be plugged in wherever we go.

Phone chargers and power banks come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important feature is providing the fastest charging with the most power while having the smallest size possible in order to be as functional and as portable as possible. To help you ensure that you stay charged wherever you go, we've compiled a list of the top 7 phone chargers that are not only the best to have on hand, but are also so tiny that you won't feel burdened by carrying something extra.

1. Attom Tech 2500mAh Mini Power Bank

As a power bank, Attom Tech boasts one of the most unusual designs. With measurements of 0.25" x 3.8" x 2.5", it's as little and as thin as one of your credit cards and can be easily stored in your wallet. Furthermore, charging cables for Android and Apple devices are already included in the power bank, so you won't have to carry or buy them.

It has an Intelligent Control Circuit that protects your devices from overcharging, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, and other dangers during charging, ensuring safe and reliable charging. It can charge iPhone 6,7, and 8 1.1 times, iPhone Plus 0.8 times, and Samsung S8 0.7 times with its 2500 mAh capacity despite its small size. It's a great backup power source for your phone.

2. iWALK Small Portable Charger 4500mAh Ultra-Compact Power Bank

iWalk is small enough to fit in your pocket, it plugs directly into your phone and charges your phone when you're out. With dimensions of 3.0*1.8*1.0 inches, this little portable charger allows you to charge your phone while keeping it in your pocket or bag. It works with much thicker phone cases, so you don't have to remove your case to charge your phone. When iWalk is plugged in, you may use your phone as if it's fully charged, as it's small and trouble-free for your everyday commute. Its improved 4500mAh battery capacity can fully charge the iPhone 8 1.5 times and the iPhone X once.


7 tiny portable phone chargers to stay topped up on the go

3. iWALK Portable Charger 20000mah

iWalk has released yet another tiny phone charger that defies all expectations in terms of size and power. It is a portable charger with a capacity of 20000mAh and it is as big as 7.28 x 4.02 x 1.61 inches. It has two built-in lengthy wires that can be removed and used to charge the device. As a result, you won't need to bring any more wires with you.

The iWalk Portable Charger can charge up to four devices at once thanks to the built-in iPhone cable and USB-C cable, as well as the open USB port. You can easily hang it on a backpack to save space. It is especially perfect to keep your devices charged for outdoor activities such as hiking, touring, and camping.

4.Ampere Jetpack PowerCore Magnetic Power Bank 5000 mAh

Despite weighing only 3.8 ounces and being 0.49 inches thick, the Jetpack can deliver great power with its 5000mAh battery capacity to all iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 models.


The magnetic battery pack's ultra-compact and lightweight design makes it easy to slip into your pocket or handbag. It's a quick and easy method to charge your phone on the go; all you have to do is magnetically attach PowerCore to the back of your phone for a 15W wireless charge. Jetpack's array of magnets is ultra-strong, so it retains it firmly in place, unlike other magnetic power banks that slip and slide all over the place.

5. Charmast Smallest 10000 mAh USB C PD Portable Charger

A portable 10000mAh quick charge charger is roughly 60 percent the size of your palm and weighs 6.59oz. It effortlessly slides into your pockets or handbag, making it extremely convenient to carry. Charmast can charge iPhone X 2.5 times, the iPhone 8 Plus for 2.7 times, the iPhone 8 roughly 3.5 times, the iPad Mini 1.2 times, the Samsung Galaxy S8 2.5 times, the Nintendo Switch 1.5 times, and the MacBook 0.8 times.


It detects and delivers the correct charging current for any connected device, ensuring the quickest and most efficient charge possible. Your gadgets are protected by the MultiProtect safety system from excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. Charmast is one of the most convenient chargers on the market, and it's here to stay if you're looking for the ideal travel partner.

6. myCharge HubMax Portable Charger for iPhone 10050 mAh

As heavy as 144 grams and with the dimensions of 0.9 x 2.8 x 4.6 inches, the power that comes with HubMax is quite remarkable. Devices can be plugged directly into the HubMax portable battery charger for a shared output of 10050 mAh / 3.4A and up to 6 times mobile phone battery backup.

The foldable wall plug acts as a wall charger adapter and also recharges the power bank at the same time, making it the ideal portable phone charger for the backup needed to stay charged anytime, anywhere. This small external battery charger will charge your cell phone 3 times faster than the original Apple iPhone charger cube, containing an enormous quantity of power and travel-safe comfort.


7. IXNINE Power Bank 26800mAh Portable Charger

IXNINE 26800mAh power bank is lighter than other power banks on the market, considering how powerful it is, allowing you to carry it effortlessly wherever you go. It offers simultaneous USB charging of up to four devices and can charge your phone up to eight times on a single charge. It also supports a wide range of gadgets, including iPhones, Samsungs, iPads, and Nintendo Switches, making it extremely handy to charge various devices. It is adopted several protective mechanisms, such as overcharge, over-current, overheat protection, and short-circuit protection.

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