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screenrant.com Nokia 2760 Flip Is Back Now With 4G

The latest phone fromNokia is not a smartphone but the Nokia 2760 Flip feature phone. HMD Global, the current licensee of the Nokia brand name, periodically relaunches a classic from the old Nokia era. The tradition began in 2017 with the famous Nokia 3310, which was launched along with a few Nokia-branded Android phones. These classics have become quite popular due to the feeling of nostalgia they evoke in people.

Manufacturers have seen the power nostalgia has on consumers, and when the chance arises, they try to use that to their advantage in various ways. For example, remastering and remaking old games is a common occurrence in the game industry. Of course, with an ever-evolving tech industry, building on nostalgia isn't so easy, but HMD Global has managed to do that successfully with its long list of relaunched classic phones that include multiple clamshell/flip models over the past few years.


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screenrant.com Nokia 2760 Flip Is Back Now With 4G

The Nokia 2760 Flip is a remake of the Nokia 2760 released fourteen years ago. While the new version keeps the clamshell design, there are changes that make it different from the original. The new Nokia 2760 Flip is less rounded and sports a smaller hinge, as seen in a photo on Tracfone's website. It also has an LED flash along with the camera on the back. Some things have remained unchanged such as having a removable back panel and a removable battery. The main upgrades are in the specifications and features of the phone. HMD Global preloads the phone with KaiOS 3.0, an operating system designed for "smart feature phones" but with smartphone features. The operating system powers over 150 million devices and has its own app store. Phones that run the operating system usually come with some Google apps and services, including YouTube and Google Assistant.

Bigger Battery, Better Camera, And 4G

HMD Global has packed the new Nokia 2760 Flip with specifications and features that make it worth using in this present day. The spec sheet didn't reveal the screen size, but its 240 x 320 resolution is higher than the 128 x 160 of the original. The VGA camera has been replaced with a 5MP camera that can record videos too. The Nokia 2760 Flip supports storage expansion via a MicroSD card slot (32GB max.). It also has a single SIM card slot, a USB-C port for charging and data transfer, and an audio jack.

There is now support for 4G LTE, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and GPS. As a result of these modern-day communication features, the phone now packs a 1450mAh battery which is more than double the 700mAh inside the 2007 model. The battery should provide up to 6.8 hours of talk time and last up to two weeks on standby. There is no info yet about the price and availability details of theNokia 2760 Flip, but when it launches, it should be available via Verizon-owned Tracfone since the support page for the phone is already live on its website.

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Source: Tracfone

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