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Can Beats Fit Pro replace AirPods Pro as your go-to wireless earbuds? Guides

Launched in November, Beats Fit Pro are the latest wireless earbuds by Apple brand Beats. While people are still waiting for the upcoming second-generation AirPods Pro, do Beats Fit Pro have what it takes to replace Apple’s AirPods Pro? Here’s how my experience has been so far.

I’m an AirPods advocate. I pretty much love them all, especially AirPods Pro. When Beats launched Beats Fit Pro with a more Apple-like experience, I couldn’t wait to try them on my ears.

Happily, this week, I was able to grab a pair, and I’ve been exhaustively wearing them to see how they compare with AirPods Pro, which I recently said are the best choice for many buyers.

First and foremost, Beats take on AirPods Pro is great, because the Beats Fit Pro has almost everything you expect from an Apple wireless earbuds: great battery life, ANC, Transparency mode, Dolby Atmos, easy-to-pair, and easy to switch between Apple devices features. In addition, the Beats Fit Pro also have an innovative wingtip design where the buds not only go in-ear, but there’s an added hook to further secure the fit.

Although I never had problems with the fit of any AirPods, I’m always eager to try new shapes. Personally, I can say that the Beats Fit Pro fit well in my ears, but after a few hours, the wingtips starts to really bother me – especially if I’m wearing them while working. Working out, on the other hand, they are really great and comfortable. For example, a 50 minute run is a delight with these earbuds.

What impresses me the most is the sound quality of the Beats Fit Pro. Overall, Apple always has a great approach regarding sound quality on its earbuds, but I really appreciate Beats rich bass. Whenever I’m working out I really want to feel the beat of the music while running, and these earbuds are perfect for that.

I’m not saying AirPods Pro sound bad – far from that – but the right playlist with the Beats Fit Pro are a perfect combination.

Beats Fit Pro aren’t always heaven on Earth

That said, there are some things that bother me about Beats’ new wireless earbuds. The case is still a bit of a whack to put in my jeans. Don’t take it personally, Beats improved 1000% if you compare them with the Powerbeats Pro case, but, come on, all AirPods just fit right in whatever pocket you put them – except for the AirPods Max – and I also still take forever to put the buds in the case. I always misplaced them, and I don’t even know why.

Can Beats Fit Pro replace AirPods Pro as your go-to wireless earbuds? Guides

Secondly, the Beats Fit Pro don’t feature wireless charging technology nor MagSafe. It would be great to easily charge these earbuds on my MagSafe Duo?

Last but not least, I’m not a fan of pressing buttons in my ears. Since the actual earbuds are so small, I always start or stop a song whenever I’m adjusting them on my ears. Not only that, but if I’m running and I want to play another song, I have to be really careful about pressing a bud on my ear, otherwise the pressure and click in my head bothers me.

But there are still features to praise

Apart from all the Apple experience, I really think it’s interesting that Beats Fit Pro charge with a USB-C cable. It’s nice that I can use the same cable for my MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and the Nintendo Switch.

Another good thing is the battery life. You have up to six hours of listening time when you use either Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency mode. With only Adaptive EQ enabled, the number increases to seven hours. The charging case adds 21 additional hours of battery life.

Although the AirPods Pro can give you more listening time when you keep charging the earbuds, the Beats Fit Pro offer a long experience in a single charge.

Finally, there are some color options for the Beats Fit Pro, which AirPods Pro don’t offer. Beats is also known for special editions of its headphones, which means it won’t take long until the company releases a newly designed pair of Beats Fit Pro so you can feel exclusive.

Who wins the battle? AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro?

For $199, the Beats Fit Pro are a really solid choice, but keep in mind that AirPods Pro can be found usually around $180 (the official price is $249). If you care about a powerful bass and AirPods don’t fit your ears, don’t overthink: Beats Fit Pro are the go-to product. It’s also a good choice for those who like to focus while working out. Also, here’s what 9to5Mac’s Chance Miller has to say about Beats Fit Pro on his review of the product:

“Ultimately, Beats Fit Pro are an incredibly compelling option, thanks to their excellent sound quality and design, versatile compatibility with Apple and Android devices, and a sub-$200 price point. Between this release of Beats Fit Pro, the affordable Beats Studio Buds, and more, it seems clear that Beats is firing on all cylinders right now and thriving within Apple.”

With Beats Fit Pro, you’ll pretty much get all AirPods features, but with a better shape in your ears. That said, if the wingtip doesn’t seem comfortable, just go with AirPods Pro, since these earbuds bring such a great experience.

Last but not least, I’d also love to talk a bit about AirPods 3. I really love how they fit in my ears. If you need wireless earbuds for calls, an easy listening experience, and like to be aware of your surroundings while exercising, then AirPods 3 are a perfect choice.

Do you have the Beats Fit Pro or any other AirPods? Which one do you think works best for you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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