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Galaxy A6 (2018) picks up the May 2021 security update - SamMobile

The May 2021 security update started reaching some variants of the Galaxy A6 (2018). Identified by PDA versionA600GNUBU9CUE3, Samsung’s latest firmware release has been spotted in both the United States and Colombia as of yesterday.

Galaxy A6 (2018) picks up the May 2021 security update - SamMobile

The May 1st, 2021 security patch level has been rolling out worldwide for about two months by now. Within that period, Samsung started 552 other deployments covering over 100 devices across 34 countries, including the one at hand.

How long will the Galaxy A6 (2018) be supported?

Seeing how the Galaxy A6 is now fast-approaching three full years of age, its updates have already slowed down a bit, but you can expect them to continue coming out for at least another year, give or take a few weeks. As for this month’s release, if you happen to be impatient to get your hands on the May 2021 security update for your Galaxy A6 (2018), you have a few options at your disposal. Besides from simply waiting for the rollout to reach you naturally, of course.

The most straightforward way to speed things up is to go toSettings > Software update > Download and install. Right now, this is most likely to work if you’re located in the U.S. Colombia, for obvious reasons. Failing that, our firmware archives stand ready and at your disposal; simply download the full system images for your Galaxy A6 (2018) and flash them to the device manually.

In related news, Samsung promised to talk smartphone security at this year’s Galaxy Session constituting the entirety of its MWC 2021 appearance. So do join us in watching that event live on Monday if you want to find out more about the subject matter and what Samsung has been doing to protect your sensitive data.

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