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How much does double glazing cost? Here’s what to budget

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  • There are several factors to think about when it comes to replacement windows. You need to weigh up the cost, from frame material to the glass spec itself. Made-to-measure windows manufactured to bespoke dimensions will cost more than off-the-shelf units. Installation and maintenance costs should also be factored into your calculations. So how much does double glazing cost? And is it worth it?

    Investing in double glazing is a great way to make your home more energy efficient and save energy at home. When looking at types of glazing, bear in mind that windows help prevent warmth from leaking out via the fabric of the building. According to energy.gov, heat gain and loss via windows is responsible for as much as 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. So you stand to save a decent amount of cash by ensuring your home’s glazing is efficient. Bear that in mind when doing your maths on how much to double glaze a window.

    ‘Upgrading from single to double glazing could save several hundred pounds a year in a modest-sized house,’ says Matt Higgs, director at Kloeber. ‘With energy prices rising all the time, this investment will become more beneficial as time goes on.’

    How much does double glazing cost?

    As an example, the cost of double glazing a 3 bed house might be around £10,000 at the cheaper end. But it’s difficult to estimate a ballpark figure when there are so many variables to account for. Upping your spec to a premium frame material, like timber, and applying a special coating to the glass could take the total cost closer to £50,000.

    Here, we set out the window, installation and maintenance costs for each double glazed window type.

    How much does UPVC double glazing cost?

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    How much does double glazing cost? Here’s what to budget

    UPVC is low-maintenance, secure and available in a wide array of colours and finishes. The quality of UPVC windows has improved significantly in the past 30 years. Installing double-glazed windows with plastic frames is the most economical option if your budget won’t stretch to more premium materials like timber or metal. The typical starting price, on a per m2 basis, is around £500.

    How much does double glazing cost?

    What’s the cost of timber double glazing?

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    Few materials can match the characterful warmth of timber. This solution suits both traditional and contemporary homes. Timber is sometimes a planning requirement for period properties or homes in conservation areas. Wood is versatile, too, as it can be painted, varnished and stained in an array of colours and finishes.

    Timber is also a natural insulator. This means it could benefit the thermal performance of your double-glazed windows. Timber windows offer a service life of 60+ years when well maintained.

    How much does double glazing cost?

    How much does aluminium double glazing cost?

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    Sleek, stylish and contemporary, aluminium windows are a fantastic fit for modern homes. This type of metal is inherently strong but also lightweight. It means that slim frames can be achieved. That maximises the amount of glass in the centre of the unit and invites more sunshine into your home.

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    There’s an array of finishing options, too, depending on the aesthetic you want to create. Another advantage is that aluminium is resistant to warping and corrosion. As if that wasn’t enough, aluminium windows are low-maintenance.

    How much does double glazing cost?

    What other double glazing costs are there?

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    Extra costs for double glazing include:

    When looking at how much does double glazing cost, remember to make sure you compare all quotes like-for-like. This will give you a fair representation of the overall cost.

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