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iPad Air 2022 Preorders: Save Up to $70 on Apple's Newest M1-Powered iPad

The iPad Air 4 was released back in October 2020, and while it's not super old, an update was probably overdue. Announced Tuesday, the all-new iPad Air 2022 has been upgraded to use Apple's in-house M1 chip.

The Air line has been viewed as a cheaper alternative to the iPad Pro. But the fourth-gen iPad Air used Apple's A14 chip, which was new in 2020, but is now several generations behind. Apple brought M1 power to the latest iPad Pro devices last year, leaving a bigger gap than usual between these two iPads. The Air has now caught up.

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Last year, Apple also updated both the entry-level iPad and iPad Mini with new chips, though these did not get the same M1 upgrade the Pro devices did.

If you're looking to replace your current iPad or are finally ready to give one a shot, you're going to want to check out all the best iPad Air 2022 deals below.

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iPad Air 2022 Preorders: Save Up to  on Apple's Newest M1-Powered iPad

When will the iPad Air 2022 be available?

Apple announced the iPad Air 2022 during its March 8 event. Preorders for Apple's newest iPad are open now and it will go on sale March 18.

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How much will the iPad Air 2022 cost?

Pricing for the iPad Air 2022 starts at $599 for the base model, which includes 64GB of storage. If you need more storage, you'll be able to upgrade to one with 256GB for $100 more. Adding cellular data, so you can use the internet beyond range of Wi-Fi, adds $150 to the base price.

What colors does the iPad Air 2022 come in?

The previous-gen iPad Air came in some fun colors, and luckily Apple has continued that. This time around, Apple will offer space gray, starlight (white), purple, pink and a new blue for the all-new iPad Air 2022.

Best iPad Air 2022 preorder deals


Walmart is the first retailer to offer any kind of straightforward discount on the new iPad Air, with no trade-in necessary. Right now, you can save $40 compared to the Apple price on preorders for select colors of the 64GB model, or $70 off preorders for select colors of the step-up 256GB model.

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Apple is an excellent source to preorder the new iPad Air from, especially if you're set on a specific color or engraving. If you have an older model iPad, you can do a trade in from Apple's site towards the new one. Apple is offering up to $680 in trade-in credit.

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Best Buy

Another great place to buy the new iPad Air is Best Buy. Right now, the retailer has all the models showing available for release day delivery, though that can change as time progresses.

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