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Oppo Could Soon Showcase Its Version of Apple’s MagDart Technology

Apple has had a history of bringing a product to the market that gives rise to alternatives that are based on the same principle, as has been the case with the iPhone X and its notch, the AirPods and its endless clones and, in more recent times, the MagSafe charging technology, which the company debuted last year.

Inspired by what Apple has done, Realme recently announced that it was testing its own wireless charger that can be attached to the back of the device, dubbed MagDart, which is set to be released officially on August 3.

Now, it seems that Oppo is ready with its own take on MagSafe, which is not a big surprise as Realme and Oppo are owned by the same parent company, and, this move was just a matter of time.

Oppo Could Soon Showcase Its Version of Apple’s MagDart Technology

Oppo MagSafe Alternative Renders Leaked

OyPrice recently revealed the renders of the new Oppo wireless charger that is soon set to be showcased. Looking at the same, it is obvious that Oppo’s take seems to be slim and resembles a conventional magnetic wireless charger, which could be similar to, if not slimmer than what Apple has to offer.

This is quite different from what we have seen with sister company Realme, which seems to have taken a boxy approach for the MagDart charger.

The detailed specifications and dimensions, such as the width are not yet known, but it is easy to tell that the charger will feature a Type-C port for connectivity at the bottom and an LED indicator.

It does remain a mystery as to what speeds the Oppo wireless charging option might offer, but, given as to how Oppo has had a history of coming up with improved charging speeds, be it the 65W Air VOOC charger or the regular VOOC chargers, so it is expected that some decent speeds should be on offer.

For those of you unaware as to what MagSafe exactly is, it is a series of magnets that is present within the iPhone 12’s internal charging coil, capable of sensing other kinds of MagSafe accessories and can connect easily to the same.

It has been designed to connect with compatible accessories, so the fear of magnets sticking to the back is not one to think about. It will be interesting to see how Realme and Oppo price these options, since MagSafe accessories are quite premium so the companies will have to nail the pricing to make it appealing to the regular crowd.

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