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Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi)

I've had my Galaxy 7" Tab WiFi for a couple of weeks and (so far) I have been impressed with its great versatility and speed. I did not want to invest the cost of an IPad or monthly data plan in a device that I plan to basically use for entertainment, including audio and e-books, internet browsing, music, movies and games. I would have given the GT five stars if it weren't for the dismal online Samsung support.PROS:- Beautiful, sharp display- Touch screen is responsive and easy to use- Internet sites load quickly- It's the perfect petite size and weight- Battery life has been good, better than I expected.- Came with Kindle preloaded and it was a snap to transfer my e-books from Amazon- Easy to transfer free audio books from my city library through Overdrive Media Console- Movies can be rented (but not purchased) from Google. Great selection and excellent quality. Fees are reasonable.- Because of the tablet's petite size and weight, the video camera is so easy to use with touchscreen operation. Playback quality is very good.- Plays Netflix movies if you are a subscriber; just download the free app from Android Market. Keep in mind that you'll need to be in range of a wireless router while you're watching. (You can't download a movie to watch offline later.)- Good QWERTY keyboard that has nice-sized, readable keys for Baby Boomer eyes- The reason I chose the GT instead of the Kindle Fire is the presence of a microSD card slot for 16GB of expanded data storage. And, I believe it has more versatility and functions.- On-board speakers and good, rich sound when using earplugs (included)- The factory-loaded Voice Search app is amazing, simple to use and will spoil you. You can Google without typing. It managed to understand this Southern girl's accent on the first try!IN-BETWEEN:- Email will be very handy if I can get it to work with my existing account. So far, the GT is not accepting my Outlook account, so I will need to visit with my service provider to make sure I input the right settings. G-mail works fine on GT, if that's your preference.- Not sure how GPS will be useful on a WiFi device, especially if you live in a rural area with widely-scattered hotspots- Watching TV episodes from network websites has been spotty. Expect a lot of lag-time from buffering and sudden shutdowns. Picture quality is quite good though. If your router is simultaneously serving other devices (computers, phones or TVs), your tablet's Wi-Fi performance will be impacted.CONS:- Terrible instruction manua

l and website. So far, I have been unable to register the device because the site won't accept the Serial Number. Most of the information under the website's "support" link was inaccurate, outdated or written in broken English that made no sense. (When I agreed to participate in the Samsung survey, the questions were focused on whether its website was "chic, elegant, fresh, clean, etc." I would have been thrilled if it had been more concerned with "helpful, accurate and comprehensive." I found most of my answers through online forums.- GT does not like Windows XP and I had a devil of a time getting my PC to recognize my shiny new tablet when I plugged in the USB cable. I spent days trying to resolve this problem. The GT does not come with a software CD for your computer so you have to hunt for programs online. Samsung KIES software is supposed to resolve connection problems, but just spun endlessly. Finally, in an Android Forum, I stumbled across a recommendation to install Samsung New PC Studio, which solved the problem. My PC still tells me it does not recognize my device, but as soon as PC Studio is opened, it all works great.- So far, no video chat service seems compatible with the Galaxy. The tablet comes pre-loaded with Qik Video Plus, but when you try to open it, there is a "service coming soon" message. You can have phone conversations with Skype, but no video chat. I have installed Tango, which is supposed to work with the GT, but I'm hearing that it only works between two Android devices (not PC to Android). So, two cameras but no app to use them...- I had hoped that the GT would be compatible with Amazon Instant Video service and Amazon Unbox because I own a number of their movies and tv series. I have had absolutely no luck with either video-on-demand or Unbox, even though I have the licenses and portable files for this media. Disappointing. NOTE: I have since discovered you can watch AIV, although the quality is sketchy, by clicking on "Amazon.com full site" at the bottom of the web page.- Samsung's Media Hub is the factory-loaded program where you can rent or purchase movies. In my opinion, their limited selection seems geared mainly to those in the 20-30 age demographic.KEEP IN MIND:The ocean of available Android apps is mind-boggling, but before you jump in the deep water, remember that your tablet is a computer and, as such, is vulnerable to viruses and hacking the same way as your laptop. The first app I purchased was a security program to protect my device.

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