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These are the best deals on Galaxy Tab S8 Series

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series, which launched alongside the Galaxy S22 Series at Unpacked 2022, pack the best specifications available in the realm of Android tablets. Not only that, but the integration that Samsung has developed with the help of accessories and its line of products — smartphones, earbuds, smartwatches — makes these devices the iPad equivalent for users who prefer Android.

But as is expected, this experience does come at a cost, and any available deal can only increase the value these devices add. Hence, if you're on the lookout for these tablets, here are some of the best deals available from the various retailers who have them on sale.

In case you want to learn more about the tablets before making your choice, make sure to give our in-depth Galaxy Tab S8 Series post a read, as it will help you understand what each device has on offer. There is also a FAQ Post on Pocketnow if you would prefer a Q&A format to clear your doubts.

Find below a table with the prices of all available WiFi-only models.

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Cellular is available in its 8GB + 128GB configuration for $1099.99


Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series Deals

This year, only the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus features a cellular option with 5G capability in the United States — currently limited to Verizon, with T-Mobile and AT&T set to join later. Both Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra feature WiFi-only options. As for other geographical locations, you may see WiFi + Cellular options for all models, for example, India.

Samsung Store

With the availability of these new devices limited across the various online platforms, Samsung's official website is one of your best bets at getting the model you desire. And to make the purchase more attractive, the OEM is offering some of the highest trade-in values — going to up to $450 — and provides Samsung Credit in varying amounts.

Samsung will also provide varying amounts of Google Play Promotional Balance — $50 with Galaxy Tab S8 and $100 with Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and Ultra. For people (or accounts) who haven't used YouTube Premium or Spotify Premium, Samsung also includes four and three months of memberships, respectively.

Galaxy Tab S8

$50 Samsung Credit

These are the best deals on Galaxy Tab S8 Series

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

$75 Samsung Credit

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

$100 Samsung Credit

Best Buy

Best Buy is the only other retailer offering all three models from the Galaxy Tab S8 Series at this point, and like Samsung, offers Best Buy Gift Cards with varying amounts of credit.

Other add-ons include three months of YouTube Premium for new subscribers and Webroot's Internet Security package.

Note: At the time of writing, you can also buy 15 months of Office 365 Personal for the price of a 12-month plan.

Galaxy Tab S8

$50 Best Buy Gift Card

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

$75 Best Buy Gift Card

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

$100 Best Buy Gift Card


When shopping on Amazon, users will only be able to find the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus (at the time of publishing). And like the previous offers, purchases made on Amazon will also include credit that you can use for other items on the platform — possibly a case or screen protector.

But unlike Samsung and Best Buy, which automatically offer their credit/ gift card, you will need to apply a code at checkout to receive the funds.

There is an additional $50 discount coupon currently available (as of 7th March 2022) on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 - 128GB Graphite

Galaxy Tab S8

$50 in Amazon Balance

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

$75 in Amazon Balance


Coming to B&H, this marketplace also offers a similar deal to other retailers, offering varying amounts in the form of an E-Gift Card. B&H is popular for its wide assortment of camera gear, so if it is your preferred platform, you can get the following amounts to use towards other purchases.

Galaxy Tab S8

Receive $50 E-Gift Card

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

Receive $75 E-Gift Card


And lastly, we arrive on the only carrier that currently offers a Galaxy Tab S8 Series device. Interested buyers can pick up a Galaxy Tab S8 Plus 5G for $1099.99 or a monthly fee of $27.77 for 36 months from Verizon.

The available offers are listed below.

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus 5G

Only Cellular Option

This marks the end of our deals roundup for the Galaxy Tab S8 Series. Make sure to keep an eye out for updates as the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra becomes available on more platforms and the cellular version of Galaxy Tab S8 Plus makes its way to other carriers.

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