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Is Realme A Chinese Company? Realme India CEO Calls The Company An Indian Start-up

The recent tensions between India and China have accelerated anti-China sentiments amongst many Indians. Amidst the ongoing border tussle and boycott-China row, it is becoming difficult for Chinese companies to promote or sell their products in the country.

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A number of people are taking to social media platforms to express their defiance against the purchase of products that either belong to China or even have some kind of connection to the country. This has been a major hurdle, especially for technology companies. Realme has also been a victim of similar treatment from the anti-China squad.

Is Realme a Chinese company?

In a recent episode of YouTube series calledAsk Madhav, Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has explicitly stated that the company is, in fact, an Indian startup, and not a Chinese company. He went on to quell the concerns of Realme users and fans across India who have been questioning the company's history and wondered if the brand actually had its roots in China.

Is Realme A Chinese Company? Realme India CEO Calls The Company An Indian Start-up

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Realme's origin country

Contrary to Madhav’s claims, Realme was a subbrand of Oppo that is headquartered at Shenzhen in China. And while Realme separated from Oppo in 2018, the company is still under a China-based firm called BBK Electronics Corporation.

For the unversed, BBK Electronics is a Chinese multinational conglomerate that specializes in electronics such as TV sets, digital cameras, MP3 players, and mobile devices. Apart from Realme, it also markets smartphones under Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and iQOO brands.

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However, Sheth explained that ever since Realme gained success in India, it has been expanding its operations to other countries such as the Middle-East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. He also said that India alone is a major contributor to the company’s global sales and that Realme launches most of its devices and gadgets in India first.

Realme recently released a Realme Watch, Realme TV, and a number of AIoT products in India before launching them in other countries. Realme is also one of the Chinese brands to follow ‘The Make in India’ initiative introduced by the Indian government. Sheth argued that Realme has been in line with all the initiatives introduced by the government of India and that it also procures over 60 per cent of its required components from local suppliers.

He also added that all the Realme smartphones are manufactured in India and that it’s manufacturing facility located in Greater Noida has been able to create over 7,500 direct jobs for Indian citizens.

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Image credits: Realme India

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