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Apple has brought Safari web extensions for iPhone and iPad

In addition to a large number of privacy updates, Apple also announced more Safari features in its WWDC keynote. One of them is that it brings network extensions to Safari on the iPad and iPhone. Thanks to the redesigned tab bar and tab group, it will be easier to manage tabs and windows. The tabs are more compact, and you can click on the address bar to get more information about the active webpage. To tidy up a bit, the tab bar combines your tabs, toolbar, and search field into one space. It also uses the same color as the web page you are using to complete the new look.


From the appearance, the tab group will act as an active bookmark, helping to reduce confusion. You can find them in the left sidebar of your Mac, and they will be synced across all your devices, and you will be able to share label groups with others. On iOS 15, the improved tab bar will have similar functions and appear at the bottom of the screen. It will be displayed by tapping, and when you start scrolling, your iPhone will hide it again. The new tool will also enable you to slide from the bar to different tabs.

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