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2022 Audi A6

What kind of vehicle is the 2022 Audi A6? What does it compare to?

Audi affixes A6—and S6 or RS 6—badges to a variety of mid-size luxury sedans and wagons, each with its own personality. Shop these cars against the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, plus the Tesla Model S.

Is the 2022 Audi A6 a good car/SUV?

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The 2022 Audi A6 lineup offers plenty of choices—some great, some greater than great. We rate this range at an impressive 7.2 out of 10 thanks to the broad lineup, excellent tech, and smart designs. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

What's new for the 2022 Audi A6?

The A6 range mostly carries over into 2022 aside from wider availability of the Black Optic package that dresses up the exterior for an extra charge.

These cars come in sedan or wagon body styles, though there’s no overlap between them. Four-door models include base A6s with turbo-4 or twin-turbo V-6 engines, while the A6 Allroad has a high-riding stance for some degree of off-road ability and the mid-level twin-turbo V-6. The S6 uses a different boosted V-6 making it something of an entry-level performance car, though it is a rare sight. The RS 6 Avant is a car fan’s dream come true, with nearly 600 horsepower, a buttoned-down suspension, and a practical wagon body.

2022 Audi A6

There’s not a bad-looking car in the bunch, though extroverts and those interested in practicality will definitely want either the A6 Allroad or the RS 6 Avant—or maybe a closely-related A7, which has a sleeker and more useful hatchback design.

Fuel economy is decent given underhood power, though the lack of a hybrid choice here may push efficiency-minded shoppers into Audi’s own E-Tron lineup of electric cars.

Every A6 variant boasts a high-tech cabin with touchscreens and digital displays everywhere. Though we’d like a few more conventional buttons, there’s no denying that these are feature-laden cars with excellent driver-assistance tech, too.

Wagons are decidedly practical, but sedans could have bigger trunks—then again, that’s where the A7 comes in. (We’ve reviewed it separately.)

The A6 range has done well in crash tests. Advanced driver-assistance tech that allows for limited hands-off driving is available, too.

How much does the 2022 Audi A6 cost?

This lineup starts at around $58,000, though realistically most A6 sedans list for about $65,000 or more. A6 Allroads come in just shy of $70,000. The RS 6 Avant goes for $118,000 or more with options.

A conservatively equipped A6 sedan at about $65,000 or $70,000 with the more powerful twin-turbo V-6 strikes us as a fairly good buy against BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals, too.

Where is the 2022 Audi A6 made?

In Neckarsulm, Germany.

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