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How to Update HTC One M8 to Android 7.1.1 Nougat Custom ROM

Pixel look and feelCyanogenMod 14.1 – all mods and features

StatusBar: Network TrafficStatusBar: SU icon toggleStatusBar: TickerStatusBar: Hide/Show iconsStatusBar: BatteryBar customizationStatusBar: Battery stylesStatusBar: Tap to SleepStatusBar: Clock stylesStatusBar: crDroid logo customization

QuickSettings: Tiles customizationQuickSettings: Brightness slider toggleQuickSettings: Optional brightness iconQuickSettings: Vibrate on TouchQuickSettings: WiFi easy toggleQuickSettings: Bluetooth easy toggleQuickSettings: Data easy toggle

Navigation: Toggle navbarNavigation: PIE navigationNavigation: DUI – SmartBar / Fling ToggleNavigation: Pulse – smart visualization

How to Update HTC One M8 to Android 7.1.1 Nougat Custom ROM

Notifications: Power notification controlsNotifications: Force expanded notificationsNotifications: Toggle immersive mode messages

LockScreen: Screen shortcutsLockScreen: Toggle longpress for screen shortcutsLockScreen: Swipe shortcutsLockScreen: Toggle media cover artLockScreen: Toggle clockLockScreen: Toggle dateLockScreen: Toggle alarmLockScreen: Tap to sleepLockScreen: Toggle longpress torchLockScreen: Cutomize number of notificationsLockScreen: Toggle power menu for secure lockscreen

Recents: Immersive RecentsRecents: Hidden appsRecents: Toggle OmniSwitch as default Recents

Sound: Toggle screenshot soundSound: Live customization for number of volume stepsSound: Less frequent notification soundsSound: DND customizations

Miscellaneous: Clock WidgetMiscellaneous: Toggle suggestions on Settings dashboardMiscellaneous: Toggle summaries in SettingsMiscellaneous: Toggle auto-start music player on headset detection

Settings/Display: Expanded Desktop customizationSettings/Sound: Increasing Ringtone12 New Quick Settings Tiles including Caffeine mode, Expanded Desktop and SyncSettings/Security: Quick PIN/Password Unlock

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